Cover Reveal for The Beast of Hushing Wood

HushingWood_cvr FINAL.jpg copy

I am very happy to reveal the cover of my forthcoming novel The Beast of Hushing Wood. 

Ziggy Truegood has always felt like an outsider and lately she has been having dreams that she is going to drown on her twelfth birthday. She lives in a tiny town deep in Hushing Wood, where strange things are happening. The townspeople are fighting, Ziggy feels like something is hunting her, and her beloved woods have become dark and hostile. When exotic Raffi and his grandfather arrive in town, Ziggy finds herself strangely drawn to them. But are they there to save Ziggy, or are they the hunters?

The Beast of Hushing Wood published by Penguin Books Australia

Coming Out on April 3rd. 

For preorders go to Penguin Australia 

I’ll be announcing the details of the book launch very soon, so stay tuned. 


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