Competition for Secondary Students Years 7-9

Reader’s Review Competition

Write a book review for your chance to win a prize pack of free books and a visit to Penguin publishing house in Melbourne

The competition opens on Wednesday 24 April 2019 and closes at 5pm on Saturday 6 July 2019.

This year, the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge (PRC) is running its first ever reader’s review competition for secondary school students (years 7 to 10).

Literacy is important for all aspects of life, and all Victorian secondary school students are encouraged to take the next step in expanding their literacy skills.

Enter in six simple steps

  1. Register for the 2019 Premiers’ Reading Challenge.
  2. Read a book from reader’s review book list (below) according to your year level.
  3. Write:
    • a 400-500 word review
    • include insightful analysis of your chosen book
    • be written for the intended audience (year 7 to 8 or year 9 to 10).
  4. Print off the Reader’s Review entry form and carefully read the terms and conditions. Have the form signed by your parent or guardian.
  5. Notify your school’s PRC coordinator or your school that you have entered this competition
  6. Email the completed entry form, including the signed terms and conditions, with your 400-500 words review to

All entries must be received by 5pm on Saturday 6 July 2019.

Readers review book list

Choose a book from the following book lists (according to your year level) to write your review:

Years 7 and 8

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