Chinese Painting at Luther College

Thank you to Luther College for inviting me to teach the Year 7’s Chinese brush painting.

The students produced some beautiful work. I was very proud of them all! And what a wonderfully polite year level they were too!

The paintbrush is one of the four treasures of the painting studio.
Step one when painting bamboo and baby chickens.

Students at work
And here are some of the wonderful paintings produced by the students

4 thoughts on “Chinese Painting at Luther College

  1. these student paintings are so good – loved them – especially since it must be the first time that they have ever done this

  2. What a wonderful display of our students work. Thank you so much for coming to our school and sharing your skills and talent with us.

  3. Gabrielle brought such an enthusiasm and love for her painting to the students. Every moment was treasured!
    Thank You

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