Strange luminous blue cat perched on a red branch in the night.
A Sufi Tale Someone saw Nasrudin searching for something on the ground. ‘What have you lost, Mulla?’ he asked. ‘My key,’ said the Mulla. So they both went down on their knees and looked for it.
  In the park there is a singing tree. It screeches, squawks and chatters excitedly. If you look into its branches you will see lorikeets feeding on the sweet nectar of the flowers. They have a special tongue with a brush-like surface.
All this week I’ve been giving Chinese painting workshops for Year 4 -6’s. I never hear words like ‘can’t, I’m no good at this, I’m not good at art’ because Chinese painting is spontaneous and the results immediate and gratifying. One becomes completely absorbed in the moment. I call it action meditation. Yesterday though during […]
  I needed a bit of a laugh the other day so I found these animal photo bombs There’s a story in every one of these pics.
I love paper tablecloths in restaurants where you can make dinner art. Toad and Monster Fish inspired by an olive oil spill at Jimmy Watsons last night. INSIDE A DOG I am Writer-in-Residence at Inside a Dog for the month of July. Hop on over there to take a look at my first post Dreams, Persistence and […]