This is my favourite Christmas story from when I was a child. It is about a little donkey called Small One narrated by the American actor Bing Crosby. It is sad and beautiful. It made me cry when I was a child and it still does. There is nothing quite like having a story read […]
I like reading poetry before I begin my writing day. It sets the rhythm for words to flow. This beautiful prose poem was written by Han Yu (768-824) the most famous prose poet of the Tang Dynasty. The photo was taken in 1985 on Wu Yi Mountain in Fujian Province when I was studying Chinese […]
I recently returned from Perth. It was my first visit and the only capital city in Australia that I hadn’t visited. My daughter lives there now so it won’t be my last time. Whenever I visit a new place I like to buy a small momento.
The Meatballs’ Leader is a story from Tales of Afghanistan by Amina Shah (Octogon Press, London 1982) Once upon a time, there was a dish of meatballs, sizzling in the oven. ‘Oh, oh oh, who will save us from this terrible scorching heat?’ cried the meatballs.