Dear Ms.Wang, Hello, I am from Viet Nam but currently studying in Melbourne, Australia. My class (the English Language Centre at Kew High School) and I have been reading your book ‘Little Paradise’ for a while and its had touched our hearts through many different ways. I really enjoyed reading your book. Your mom was […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, My name is Louna from St Andrews Primary Marayong, for my school reader my group read Meet poppy and Meet poppy at Summerhill, I really liked the books I would give the books a five out of five. My favourite character would be Fisher since I have two dogs at home that […]
To Mrs Wang, Thank you so for writing the Pearlie book. I love them! ​   I have a few questions:    Who ​inspired you to get writing?   Where did you get your information from?   Why did you write about the bombing of Darwin?  Thanks,  Laura.A
Dear Ms Wang,I would just like to say thank you for coming to my school, Emmaus College on the 9th of September.  You have inspired me to write a story in my spare time, but I won’t publish it. Thank-you for coming to my school and talking about the witch house, the meanings behind your […]
Dear Mrs Wang,Recently our reading group  at Roma State College has been reading your amazing novel A ghost in my suitcase. I am Writing this in tears after just reading the end, but can remember all the outstanding similes and metaphors you have included and how you have made me laugh out loud. you are […]
Dear Mrs Gabrielle Wang,I am a student from Roma State College, QLD, and I have extremely enjoyed your astonishing novel “A ghost in my suitcase,” and want to emphasize your creative, descriptive and engaging writing style. Your descriptive noun and verb groups that paint a clear picture in readers’ heads have always sufficed in satisfying […]
Dear Mrs Wang,My reading group and I have been reading your book A Ghost in my Suitcase. I have loved your use of metaphors and similes. We have enjoyed every moment of reading your book. Our teacher Mrs Rickert has said numerous times that she has NEVER seen a book as well written as yours. […]
Dear Mrs Wang,I’m a student at Roma State College ( Queensland, Roma ) and in our class reading groups we have been reading your wonderful book, A Ghost In My Suitcase. When I come to school on a Wednesday the only thing I look forward to is reading your book. You are a fabulous writer. […]
dear Mrs WangI’m  student from Roma state college QLDAt school in our reading groups we are reading your book ghost in my suit case. it is an amazing book . I felt so connected with your characters. my favourite character was Robbie even thought we didn’t get to know him he was still funny. Shanara
Dear Mrs. Wang,I am a student at Roma State College, Middle Campus (Queensland, Australia). I am just an average grade 7 girl however I found your book, A Ghost In My Suitcase, and I have come to the conclusion that your book is anything but average; in fact or entire reading group (which we like […]
Ms Wang,Hi, I’m a student at Roma State College in Queensland. I’m 13 and in grade 7. For all I know, I have never come across such a significant author in my life, until I read a book by you, A ghost in my suitcase. we are reading this book at school and my classmates […]
Dear Mrs Wang,I’m Jade, I’m 13 , I’m in year 7,and I am a student at Roma State College. We have been reading your book(we call it our book club). When we were reading your book there was a lot of emotions going through our minds at once I also loved the use of metaphors […]
Dear Ms Wang,My name is Makayla, I’m 12 years old and I go to Roma  State College Queensland, Australia. My reading class has recently read “Ghost in my suitcase.” I loved your book because it had a great amount of suspense, grief and happiness. I love your chose of characters but I have struggle to […]
Dear Mrs Wang, I’m a student at Roma State College Middle Campus, QLD. I am a 12 year old boy in Grade 7 and I am really enjoying your book, ‘A Ghost in my Suitcase’. Just to say, this book is unbelievable. We’ve had kids in tears with emotions many times. Others full of hatred […]
Dear  Gabrielle Wang I am a student in grade 7, Roma State College, Queensland I have read your book A Ghost in my Suitcase.Its full of metaphors and similes and most of the girls cried at the emotional parts. Some girls didn’t like Ting Ting, thank you for writing this book Hayden
Hello Ms Wang,This is Helen and Shana from Braybrook College, in English we are currently doing a book study on your fabulous book ‘ Ghost In My Suitcase’. You’re an inspirational writer to us and the Ghost in My Suitcase book was great. We really hope for a sequel soon, Our class has finished  reading […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang,In my class, we have just finished reading “A Ghost in My Suitcase” as our main text to read. It was a wonderful story and bought me to realize that I am a lucky person to be living in Australia.I am inspired by your dedication towards your amazing books.I have read your book […]
Good morning Gabrielle Wang,I’ve  just read “A Ghost In My Suitcase” and it was fabulous.Your an amazing author and illustrator. Please keep up the amazing work!I read your blog posts and i would like to ask:What inspires you to draw and who are your favorite illustrators?Sincerely,Livia 
Dear Ms Wang,My name is Natarsha and I am a year seven student. For English, we studied your novel ‘A Ghost In My Suitcase’. It was a great book, one of the best I have read. I recently watched a book trailer for the novel,and I was wondering if the book could be made into […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, I have just finished reading  the book “A Ghost In My Suitcase”.  It  is really good and I would like to ask you two questions about this book.My first question is why did you choose the Isle of Clouds for “A Ghost In My Suitcase” instead of other towns in China?My other question […]
Dear Ms Wang,My name is Helen and I am a year 7 student in Melbourne. I have recently finished your marvelous novel “A Ghost in My Suitcase”. I really enjoyed this book as it hooked me in and made me keep wanting to read it.A question that i would like to ask you is what […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang,I am a 12 year old student at a high school in Melbourne. I have recently read your book, “A Ghost In My Suitcase.” I enjoyed it thoroughly, because, it was interesting to learn about the Chinese culture. I am Chinese myself, so it was pretty cool to learn about acupuncture, and traditional […]
Dear Ms. Gabrielle Wang,I am a twelve year old year 7 student in Melbourne, Australia. my class had finished reading your book “A Ghost in my Suitcase.” Our class had a conversation discussing about if we liked or hated the book. We decided that it was a fantastic book. Our class had learnt a lot […]
Hi Ms. Gabrielle Wang, I am a year student from a Secondary College. Recently, our class 7K had just finished reading your book ‘A Ghost in my Suitcase.’ Our class had a nice conversation that it was a fantastic book. For our homework, our class had to analyse the story and therefore, we got to learn […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang,My class has just finished reading a “A Ghost in my Suitcase” for our book report. I really enjoyed the book and is one of my favourite book I’ve read.Below are a few questions I would like for you to answer:-Will there be a sequel for “A Ghost in my Suitcase”?-How long does […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang,I am a year 7 and as part of my English class, we have studies one of your great books, A Ghost in my Suitcase. We have all annotated, analysed and re-read your book and personally I loved every second of it. After reading the book, I have a lot of questions that […]
Hi there Ms Wang,Our names are Jenny Chan and Cindy Tran, and we are year sevens who have just finished reading and studying your book for English class. We really enjoyed your book  ‘A Ghost In My Suitcase’, and we really want to read the sequel (even though there isn’t one). One of the many […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang,I have really enjoyed your book “Ghost in my Suitcase”. It was very well written, detailed and suspenseful.I was just wondering if you would write a sequel to the book and add more information about Ting Ting, Papa and Robbie.I actually also want to ask if Ting Ting goes to school. She seems […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang ,I am a 12 year old student in a Melbourne high school who recently  read your novel, A Ghost in my Suitcase. I enjoyed because it taught me a lot about the Chinese culture and was a heartwarming story. Thank you for writing these books.From Jason.
Dear Ms Wang,                                   My name is Georgia and I am a year 7 student. I am writing to you today because I have just finished reading your novel “A Ghost in my Suitcase” and have wondered if it was […]
Hi Gabrielle,We went on our year 3-6 camp in Melbourne 2 weeks ago and after we left the Shrine of Remembrance we went to find the gate that you told us about that is at the Botanical Gardens. It was so cool, we can’t believe they’re the actual gates from your childhood and story.We can’t […]
Dear Ms Wang,I just finished reading your book Little Paradise (literally two seconds ago) and I am amazed. I am also left on the edge of my seat. Is there a second book? Please tell me you are planning one. I feel so attached to Lola. I am a teenage girl, and I also fight […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, My name is Amy and I live in Melbourne. I have read and enjoyed many of your books. My absolute favourite is The Wishbird. I think you are a very talented author. I have recently seen you at your author talk for the Book Festival. You talked about your story The Wishbird. I […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, Hi, my name is Tessa. I am eight years old. I have read and really enjoyed: the Wish Bird, Pearlie the Spy, The Garden of Empress Cassia, the Pearl of Tiger Bay and a Ghost in my Suitcase. I really like your books because they intrigued me and are very adventurous and […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang,My name is Caitlin and I am one of the students you met at Drummoyne Public School.Recently I read The Wishbird. I thought it was great! It was so intriguing and mysterious. The plot was fantastic, as the scenes changed from every chapter. As soon as I started reading, I could not put […]
Dear Ms Wang,In class we have been reading Your book.It is amazing and inspiring.7 years ago you came to my school and signed my sisters book which is then same one I am reading from.Have a good day.FromHeidi 
Dear Gabrielle,Thank you so much for coming to Dimboola and showing us how to draw Peng. When we came back to school we found out that we have ‘A Ghost in my Suitcase’ in our library. We liked your adventure in the mansion that you told us about and your tips were very inspiring to […]
Dear Gabrielle,I have just finished your book The Wishbird and it was wonderful! I love to read books and I have read many books and some books I forget the plot, and some books stick with me for a long time. The Wishbird and the Ghost in my Suitcase will stick with me for a […]
Hi Gabrielle,Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed Little Paradise. I can barely believe it’s based on the story of your parents! The story was really sweet and I was immersed in the historical details.I’ve read A Ghost in My Suitcase as well – it’s really nice to read about Chinese settings/cultural […]
Dear Gabrielle,I have just finished your book A Ghost in My Suitcase. It was really emotive and strong ( :)in a good way!)  And I was stuck to the book the whole time! I have also just finished making a list of all your books that I would like to read in order. Your blog […]
Hi my name’s Otto. I come from Melbourne but I live in London and I’m seven years old. I really like the Chinese Horoscope that you wrote for War Child. I have one question though: What year were you born in ( so I can know your Chinese Horoscope)? Please write back.From OttoP.S. I was […]
Dear Gabrielle,I have some questions for you. I have read a lot of your books but my favorites were probably The Wishbird and A Ghost in My Suitcase. How do you manage to suck readers into your stories? How are they captivating? Please answer back quickly.Yours sincerely, Anirudh 
Dear Gabrielle,Thank you for repleling  to my letter.When i saw that you had sent me an e-mail I nealy screamed.My teacher saw that i was realy exited so she can over to see what i was so exited about. After i told her that i had a letter for an author she told me to […]
Hi Gabrielle Wang,My name is Stella and i think  that your books are absolutely amazing!I was really inspired by you to let my imagination run and to write interesting stories to entertain myself.I really love the Australian girl meet Poppy series thats my favourite and I’ve just about read every Australian girl book, buts your […]
Hi Gabrielle wang, At Thomas Mitchell primy school in year 4 we are giving you a letter from you. Think you for teaching us about your drawings. From Stella
Dear Gabrielle Wang, Hi I’m Madison and I am a student at a school in Victoria. It’s really a great opportunity to chat with you. In literacy groups I chose to read The Wishbird and just finished it with the rest of my group. I loved the way you described the characters feelings and the […]
Dear Gabrielle, Thank you for coming to Malvern Primary today! Some of us really enjoyed it including me. My favourite part was when you tought us to draw peng. It is so cool I am drawing him now. Now that I heard about how you became a writer I really want to become a writer […]
Dear Gabrielle I am from M . P . S  that you visited a few weeks ago. You have inspired me to start my own series of books. I would like to thank you for signing my book . I have dedicated my book to you, my favorite movie is My Neighbor Totoro. I have […]
Dear Gabrielle, I like your drawings. They are very very beautiful and I want to draw like you too. Regards, Justine
Dear Gabrielle, Yesterday you visited our school and spoke to us about your great books. I really enjoyed hearing about your childhood. The witch’s house was very interesting. I also enjoyed learning how to draw Peng. Are you writing a new book?  You are the best! I am a big fan of yours! Your fan, […]
Dear Gabrielle, Thank you for visiting our school yesterday. You have written lovely books and I liked your drawing of Peng. I especially enjoyed your book called “The Garden of Empress Cassia’. Regards, Ava  1/2W
Dear Gabrielle Thank you for coming to our school today.  It was a fabulous pleasure to meet you.  I love your book “The Garden of Empress Casia”. I also don’t like writing, but love telling stories.  Your adventure story that you told us was so exciting and fun. Your drawing that you taught us was […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, I would like to thank you for coming to WWPS on the 17 of June 2014. From Jasmine
Hi Gabrielle, I am really glad that you enjoyed coming to TIGS the other day. Do you visit any other schools? Have you ever travelled to any other place in the world? I really enjoyed the stories you told us about your childhood. They sounded very exciting. No wonder you have so many good ideas […]
Dear Mrs Wang, Hi I am Aleen, (from your previous reply)! I have read The Pearl of Tiger Bay, your Australian girls series and I am currently reading The Wish bird. I love all of your books and I mean it! Catherine and I (Catherine sent you an email already)are really excited because you are […]
I just finished reading the garden of empress cassia. ITS SO GOOD!!! I couldn’t put the book down until I finished reading it. I have read almost all of your books. Thank you for writing such great books. I can’t wait to see you later this year.apparently your coming to my school. I don’t mind […]
Dear Mrs Wang, I LOVE your books! I read the Pearl of Tiger Bay and I loved it! When I read the book, I assumed you  were a young girl because you described perfectly through the eyes of a girl my age! Your writing talents are pure amazing! I must ask a question that has […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang My name is Audrey. I am 10 turning 11 (In 120 days!) I grew up in Sydney, Australia but I am currently living in Bali, Indonesia. I am writing to you because I LOVE your book The Wishbird!   I find your writing inspiring and enchanting! The way you write just draws […]
Hi my name is Laura I am 11 years old and live in a small town in Tasmania called Bicheno. Recently I read the book A ghost in my suitcase. It is one of the best books I have ever read. I felt as if I was part of the book, especially when she was […]
Hi Gabrielle! I am in the middle of reading your great new novel, The Wishbird. I am just wondering, what are the most important things in this book that makes it special to you? There are many things in this book that makes it wonderful such as the characters, they are all unique and interesting. […]
Dear Gabreille, I have just finished reading A Ghost in My Suitcase and I really enjoyed it. I was woundering if there will be another one were Ting Ting goes Australia? From Kristobel P.S You came to my school Boroondara Park and I was really inspired by your stories and drew my own peng and […]
Hi I’m Olive and this is my friend Annabelle. We love your book The Ghost In My Suitcase our whole class is reading it as well.I’m 9 and Annabelle is 8.We go to Palm Beach State School. Our class is known as Intermidiate Family Turquoise and we’re in year 3. We can’t wait to read […]
Hi Gabrieblle I love the ideas of your story’s and I want to write a book. What should I write it about and the resone i am asking you is that I love all your books and most 8-13 girls love them and they are great books pleas reply I loveeee your books From #1 […]
My dad and I have read Meet poppy.I love them.I might get poppy at summerhill If I empty they dishwasher every day.Thankyou.I am 7. Emma
Thank you for coming to my school. You are a very nice person. I am very interested in reading your book called The pearl of tiger bay. Your drawings are great and you have a terrific imagination. Thank you for sharing this with me. Isabella
to Gabrielle Wang, hi, my name is Brianna and I am a year 5 student at black rock primary school. I am 11 years old. I have just finished reading ‘the wishbird”and right now I am reading ‘the pearl of tiger bay’ in the with the wishbird I love how oriole and boy(hero) went on some […]
Hey Gabrielle! I LOVE the Poppy books and I really enjoy the story about Poppy finding her brother. She has a really cool character that makes the reader want to know more too. And I was wondering, are you going to write the Pearlie books for 2014? Because when I saw the picture of the […]
Dear Gabrielle, My name is Sarah. I have just finished reading The Garden of Empress Cassia, it was amazing! I love it so much. It is a great story and I want to let you know that I love that you used so many descriptive words. It made me feel Mimi’s emotions and it was […]
Hi I just finished reading Little Paradise and I loved it! I adored every single character, both primary and secondary. I’d just like to ask you a few questions: What happens to Rose, Dave, Jock, Murray, the Hartmanns and Stefan? Edward and Chrissy? I teared up when the Hartmanns left for Australia. Does Mirabel ever […]
Dear gabrielle, I love your books! At school i am reading the Garden of Epress Cssia and just finished your book the hidden monastery and loved it!!! Your books capture me so much and you make me feel like i am in the story! At school my favorite subject is writing and think I write […]
I have not started reading the hidden monastry yet but i am looking forward to reading it alexandra
Hi Gabrielle Wang My name is Gabrielle too. I’m am in year six and I love your books especially little paradise. While I was reading I couldn’t put the book down. Your books are very descriptive. I hope you can make new ones to.
Dear Gabrielle, If I was an author I would call it: Butterflies at my fingers. Here I made a song. When I see my tears drop on the ground My heart breaks and I fall But I see a bit of hope I stand up tall like a building high up in the sky I […]
I have just read your Garden of Empress Cassia. It fabulous! I was really scared when Gemma got sucked into the picture I was like: Whats going to happen whats going to happen? And eventully I released my breath for that last part: We pulled Gemma out. Yvonne PS: PLEASE email me I have been […]
dear Gabrielle at school we are in the middle of a book fair I bought one of your books I bought the hidden monastry From Alexandra
Dear Gabrielle Wang, My name is Siobhan and I am in year 6. I wanted to tell that I love the Poppy books! They are amazing! I really want to read your other books! From Siobhan
hi i’m emilie i was reading your book a ghost in my suitcase it was rally good!!! can  please answer some of my questions 🙂 what where u felling when u wrote this book? is the book in china? thanks so much 🙂 em
Hi Gabrielle how are you and Gabrielle I loved all of you books.Oh Gabrielle wish I could buy Pearl of Tiger Bay. From Charlotte
hi gabrielle you came to holy trinity for book week. my school is in eltham north i thought you where magnificent i also really like your books i want to buy “a perl of tiger bay” thankyou i realy like my peng you are just magnificent.(:
Dear Gabrielle Wang, I am in year 5 and you just came to my school for bookweek. I felt you were so iteresting and I wanted you to keep talking. I found the story about the wich and thegiant house very entertaining. I have not read any of your books yet but I am totally […]
Dear:Gabrielle Wang, My name is Tegan and I am from Melbourne,Australia. I have been reading your books and I think you are an amazing and talented author and illustrator. Your books and drawings have inspired me and my favourite book by you that I have read is The Garden of Empress Casia because I loved […]
Dear Gabrielle! I have read all of your Poppy series and I love them all! You are a really,really,REALLY good author! What about your other books? Do you have some books that are about history to? Please reply or I will surely die! Nah! Just Kidding! Thanks, Brooke!
Hi Gabrielle, This is just a little bit of fanmail for you: Your talk at the Abbotsleigh Literary Festival today was really inspirational for me. I really liked how you incorporated so many elements from your childhood and vibrant personality into your books. Going to your talk was so exciting-you gave me so much to […]
Dear Ms Wang, Thank you for talking to year 5 abbotsleigh junior school. I love the empress cassia with all the imigrary words. The book have inspired me with writing and reading.Thank you From, Gwyneth  
Hi Gabrielle, I am reading one of your books The Ghost in my Suitcase. It is really interesting it is so interesting i am up to the chapter called The long silken thread i am loving it, it is the only book that i am going to finish because it caught my eye and i […]
Hi Gabrielle Wang, I have read all your Poppy books and they are fab-u-lous! At the end the man says Gus fell into the mine shaft but then he was alive! My favourite one was Poppy and the thief where Lin Tian stole Gus’s bag with the golden nuggets. And of course when he stole […]
Hi Gabrielle I got your book The Garden of Empress Cassia for literature circles! I am also reading Mao’s Last Dancer so I know all about Chairman Mao and the poverty in China ! It is really interesting because in The Garden Of Empress Cassia you mention him so now I know all about him! […]
Hi Gabriella, The story “a ghost in my suit case” is a wonderful book! Though where did you think of this story? It is so magnificent. From Miranda (Your great fan.)
Dear Gabrielle, I was enthralled by your excellence and skill in writing when I read your Poppy books.(Did I tell you?I am totally in love with the Our Australian Girl books.I read them like I am possessed!)I absolutely love your story and had an idea for you.Maybe you could write a ‘My Story’ book for […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang I read your reply to my letter on your website I have a poem that nearly got published in a book but I lost the paper that gave them the permission to publish it in there book I still think about how my poem could have been in a book. I am […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, I’m called Nina and I’m from bell primary school(one of the schools you visited). I ordered a ghost in my suitcase when you came, but only received my copy yesterday-thursday 21st of june-and have already read about 60 pages. This is because your books are so full and interesting. I’ve read some […]
Hello Gabrielle I hope you enjoyed your visit to Genazzano because i did ! Your story about the witch was awesome I am going to read your book The Pearl of Tiger Bay and all of the Poppys from Mia 🙂
This story is similar to your “Meet Poppy” by Yvonne “Piiiipppppaaaaa!” Mother Songbird called from down below. “Whhhhaaaattt?” Pippa called from above. “Don’t what me young lady!” Pippa looked down. Out of all the leaves she could make out a body of a grown up. “I’m sorry pardon?”Pippa said. “I want you to come down […]
hi gabrielle thank you for coming to bell primary school. we are having a book writing festival in september and i am writing a book about the twin towers and how they got hit. you did a great talk to us kids and we all loved the picture that you showed us how to draw. […]
hi gabrielle I really like your meet poppy, poppyat summer hill, poppyand the thief and poppy comes home the are great books. what is the first book you wrote? what is the best book that you have read? how long have you been wrighting? witch  bok do think you wrote the best? hope you can […]
Dear Gabrielle, I’ve read 2 of your amazing books so far and I think you are very talented. My class and I had to read A Ghost in my suitcase and I loved it to death soooo much that my mum keeps telling me to shut up about the book and that i have to […]
Hi Gabrielle, I am Mia  and this Kirsten my friend we are students from Bell  primary school we herd that you were coming to our school and we went on your website to do some research before your visit. We want to know some questions about you. We have just started reading your books so […]
Dear Mrs Wang,<br /> You are a very talented writer,and i wonder how to become a writer was easy or really hard for you.I love writing stories and i am writing a story and i will send it too you.
Hi your comming to bell primary school soon me and my friend are intrested to see what you have to say. Thanks for listening. I have a teacher her name is Lisa I. From Miranda And Matilda