Brighton Dogs, Midsomer Murders

After months of school visits and being indoors, I felt the need to spend time in Nature – to listen instead of being listened to.

Although I am not one to swim or lie on the beach, I love the sea. It is a dream of mine to one day own a small writing cottage overlooking the ocean. I would place my desk with clear views across the waves to the horizon and watch the play of clouds.

Brighton dog beach is a beautiful place with views across the bay to the skyline of Melbourne.

Yachts are moored at the Marina and today the wind was playing with the wires that hold up the sails making them hum the theme song from Midsomer Murders.

A sea heron dive bombed the water causing an almighty splash. It had several goes before it came up with a fish.

A cormorant sat on a pylon, wings spread, sunning itself.

I found a bright orange starfish washed up onto a sandbank. I returned it to the sea but it was already dead.

It was Hero’s first time at the beach. An exciting day for he discovered something new – swimming. And he loves it.

Happiness is dogs at the beach.

Happiness is watching your mates having a good time.

Happiness is a reinvigorated author ready to get back to her writing.

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