Gabrielle Wang

Author and Illustrator

Gabrille Wang

Ting Ting the Ghosthunter

“This sequel to the award-winning Ghost in My Suitcase is a powerful magic realism story for 10+ readers about ghost-hunting, finding yourself, Chinese mythology, family and culture”

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Thirteen-year-old Ting Ting has learned the ancient skills and art of ghost hunting from her adopted grandmother, Por Por, a famous ghost hunter. But Ting Ting is sick of capturing harmless ‘fat belly’ ghosts, and when a desperate plea for help comes for Por Por, Ting Ting decides to take matters into her own hands and prove that she is a true ghost hunter. But what Ting Ting discovers is much more dangerous than she had thought. Can Ting Ting conquer her own pride to save Por Por and the villagers before it’s too late?

If you want to know where Ting Ting the Ghosthunter first began you need to go right back to The Pearl of Tiger Bay

This was my second novel published in 2004. In that story the ghost-hunting grandma known as Por Por first appeared. She was only a minor character but because she was such an interesting character, I wrote A Ghost in My Suitcase .

Then, on April 1, 2016, the artistic director of Barking Gecko Theatre Matt Edgerton wrote to me asking if he could adapt my novel for the stage. Well, this is every author’s dream so of course I said yes.

It was during the creative development sessions with the two artistic directors, Matt Edgerton and Felix Ching Ching Ho, the script writer Vanessa Bates and set designer, Zoe Atkinson that I realised how strong the character of Ting Ting was. She is the ‘mean’ girl in A Ghost in My Suitcase. But she has her own internal struggles to overcome. She definitely needed to be the star of her own book. And so Ting Ting the Ghosthunter was born.


Book launch at Readings Books Hawthorn



Amanda Ma is an actor who plays the role of Por Por in the play of A Ghost in My Suitcase

Jess Flint of Cake and Madness baked the wonderful cupcakes

With lovely fellow author Leanne Hall who launched my book.

My lovely children Ren and Lei Lei who help me so much with ideas and editing for all my stories. They’ve grown up doing this. I couldn’t do without their input.

Showing how the art of ghost-hunting is done.

I hope you enjoy my novel!

Gabi x