How do you know when it’s the right time to send your manuscript off to the publisher?

For me it is when I read my novel out aloud to someone (this step is important) and don’t feel the need to change anything. Of course you need to pick just the right person – a person you trust who has a good ear and eye for story.

I was in New York when I emailed The Wish Bird to my publisher at Penguin.

My daughter, Lei Lei was my sounding board, picking out obvious mistakes in time sequencing and continuity that I was blind to.

When I wasn’t eating


or sleeping, I was working. Before my daughter woke up, I would put in several hours. I did the same at night before we watched a movie together. Being away meant that I didn’t waste a moment. I know I would have been far less productive and motivated if I had been at home.

This is the studio apartment I rented in East Harlem.

I also worked in a cafe.

Here at 88 Orchard on the Lower East Side you can stay as long as you like except on weekends when it gets busier.



I am proud to be a contributor of  Trust Me Too published by Ford Street. My drawing/poem is called, ‘Calling Me’ and is based on a dream I had after my dog, Saffy died last year. I dedicate it to her.



So now that The Wish Bird is safely out of my hands I am beginning a new Our Australian Girl. I think my new girl’s name will be either Ellie or Ginny, but I haven’t quite made up my mind.

Thanks for visiting!

Gabi xx

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