To Miss Wang, I have read Garden of empress cassia and want to read more books that you wrote. from Tee-Jay.
to Gabrille,Our class has just finished the garden of Empress cassia.It was a exellent and exiting book.I am reading one of your other books and it is great. From Jacob.
Dear Gabrielle I have just read the garden of Empress cassia.It was a really,really great book.Every chapter I read I wanted to read more.I would read another of your books because I really liked the garden of Empress cassia. From Jaime
hi gabrielle our class just finished The Garden of Empress Cassia. I loved it! from tyah your number 1 fan! see ya!!!!
Hi Gabrielle I have just finished the book the garden of empress cassia. It’s a great story. I would like to read a lot mreof ur books By Jay
Hi Gabrielle my name is Nathan your books are awesome.I love Empress Cassia I hope you make more books like Empress Cassia.I am 11 years old and I love booksI read 3 short books a every night I think your the best Authers and three other Authers. Bye for now
Dear Gabrelle Wang, My name is Bride im eleven years old.You are an absoluely AWESOME writer i jus finished the Garden of Empress Cassia and it was Fantastic.I would love to to read more of your books.Please write back i would love you to an so would my mates!!!!!!Your book The Gardent of Empress Cassia […]
hi Gabrielle, I’m jansu, ive been to every one of your book launches, and I must say the one at book bonding where you had that magnificent cake, but I missed out because I had to go to art class. I believe your books are …..FAB! well the reason I have emailed is well where doing book reports on […]
hi, sorry that i haven’t talked to you for a long time. i heared that you can’t come to my school this year but could you come next yaer in 2011 for my last year of school PLEASE!!! ohh, and my library teacher says hello. i am reading Little Paradise and it’s GREAT!!! love hannah […]
In 2008 I attened the Readers Cup in which you were the guset author. I fell in love with your great ability to write. You have really inspired me! Now I really love to read your books and I have been writing plans to create my own books. I first read the Hidden Monastry and […]
Hi Gabrielle! I just thought I might tell you that I read Little Paradise a little while ago. It’s now shelved under my absolute favourites…I laughed, I cried, and smiled in that book. It’s positively excellent. I especially cried when Mirabel wrote that really awful letter to JJ (he’s such a cute character, by the way) […]
Hi Gabrielle, It’s Bec Wu. Your drawings are fabulous and I’ve just recently read the Garden of Empress Cassia. I love it and do not show any pity to what happened to Gemma. Please publish more similar books.
A GHOST IN MY SUITCASE is a great book. luckily this year, my class has been nominated to be in the READER’S CUP & ‘A Ghost In My Suitcase’ is one of the books we are competing. It is a fantastic book as i know some of the knowledge as i am also a Chinese […]
Hi Gabrielle I have read most of your books they are fantastic. I started with Ghost in my Suitcase and i knew ihad to read more so then i went on and read Pearl of tiger bay and then Gardden of Empress Cassia and just recently i finished The Hidden Monastery and boy was that a […]
Hi it’s Amy again, I go to Margaret Beaufort Middle School, Risley,Bedfordshire, England. Are class has just finished reading your book, The Garden of Empress Cassia. It is really good, the best book ive ever read. We have done lots of English lessons on your book. Like writing a diary for Josh and Mimi, writing some […]
congratulations gabrielle on winning the award for ghost in my suitcase i think u really deserved it for the many books you’ve written congratulations love skye x x x
hi gabrielle i just love the book a ghost in my suitcase. I got it for christmas and hope to get more of your books for my birthday and for christmas. from chloe saunderson!!!
hello its kira im 9 years old i  live in Rusden i like your books i am  reading 1 of ur books in  school can u  give me some tips about how you write a story I’m  writing one at  the minute.(UK)
You are my romodel I have read 1 of your books and it is my favourite book of all time. You enspired me to start writing my own book. When I’m older I want too be just like you. I want too be just as sucsesful at being an author.It is my dream job! Love Your biggest […]
hey gabrielle my mum took me to a book shop and got me the one and only ghost in my suitcase which i hope wins the aurealias awards totally awesome goodluck love skye x x x
Hello Ms Wang, How are you? I hope you had an extraordinary Christmas and New Year, and I wish you all the best on your writing this year. I have finished The Pearl of Tiger Bay for the fourth time now, and A Ghost In My Suitcase for the third. I’m so ecstatic because my […]
hey gabrielle my last post was july 16 and since then my parents got my garden of empress cassia and little lion drummer for my sister i hope i can get a ghost in my suitcase for xmas merry christmas gabrielle ~sincerely skye x x x
Dear Gabrielle, Thank you so much for visiting our school(Balwyn North Primary) and drew Peng for us , Everyone enjoyed it very much. We even put up our drawings of Pend and all of the photos. We have read The Garden of Empress Cassia, The Pearl of Tiger Bay and The Hidden Monestery. Everyone loves […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang I absolutely love your books. Your stories help me with writing stories and I won an award on parade before for Good Writing. Sandra
Hello Gabrielle Wang. I’m starting to get addicted to your books! You’re a fantastic author and illustrator. I have read, The Garden of Empress Cassia, The Hidden Monastry, A Ghost in my Suitcase and I just finished The Pearl of Tiger Bay. All of your stories are interesting and are helping me to improve on […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!! The Garden Of Empress Cassia is one of my favourite novels. Your books are very interesting. I have read The Garden Of Empress Cassia and i’ve almost read The Hidden Monastery. I wish i could write books as good as you, perhaps one day i will Regards Sallyanne
Dear Gabrielle WangI have only read one of your books and loving it. I hope to read all of your books. I might become an author as good as you Regards Joy
Hi Gabrille, My name is Gabrielle too. I luv ur books there so well written n so imaginative. I luv ur lil pics in the story too. YOU R GREAT AT WRITING AND DRAWING. Keep up the AWESOME WORK!!!! FROM YOUR FAN, Gabrielle
Hi Gabrielle, u r nice and A good story maker and a good drawer i like how u drawed the pong it cool. Rahma
i love the books That you write especialy tiger bay! I like reading your books. Can you Give Me Some Hints for Writting Narratives, Monica
Hello Gabrielle, I am Jessica, we met at my mums office. I have started to read A Ghost In My Suitcase and i have only read 1 chapter and already i am loving it, your books now inspire, it makes me realise that i want to become a good author like you!!! From Jessica
Dear Gabrielle Wang. My name is Kezia. I am 11 years old. I have read your book ‘A Ghost in My Suitcase’ and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a good plt and their were some good points in the story. If I could make a suggestion then I think it would be […]
Hello, I am Sianne from Kingswood Primary in grade 4G. Right now Jenny Greenway is reading Pearl of Tiger Bay to us. It is so interesting and marvolous, so far. We are on Chapter 6. You are a great auther. I really want to be like you too. Tell me some tips!
Hi I love all your books (I have only read 2) I am reading the pearl of tiger bay and last year I read The garden of Emporess Cassia. My teacher Mrs. Greenway I think she will read all your books More than a million times a day. Please make as many books as you […]
Hello Gabriel, I’m Tom and I’m in grade 4G. As you may know we are reading Pearl of Tiger Bay and I am very interested in it. I have not read the whole book yet so I think Annie will make friends with madam Olenka. I love Pearl of Tiger Bay. Regards Tom 🙂
dear Gabrielle Wang you write great books but I think the best is pearl of tiger bay and my class 4g is reading it now. You have a great tallent well I think its great  from Kate (15/9/09)
To Gabrielle, My class 4G is reading pearl of tiger bay it so cool I love it.You write amazing books!!! fro Zoe
Dear Ms Gabrielle Wang my name is Emmaline. My teacher Mrs. Greenway is reading Pearl Of Tiger Bay to my class I am enjoying it i love how it is very mysterious and exciting and my class and I would love for you to come to our grade I go to Kingswood Primary School and […]
I am getting futher into the mystery of Perl Of Tiger Bay. it is a beautiful story that i would recomend to anyone! I never use to read soooooo much but your story has made me a readaholic. I wish all the best with you compeling stories. You are a great Author and I hope […]
Hi, I am Pari from kingswood primary school. This term for our class book we chose to read Perl Of Tiger Bay. We have just started reading your book. So far it has been magnificent I really have enjoyed it. I love your story sooooo much!
Dear Gabrielle my name is Emmaline i am in Grade 4g and we are reading the book pearl of tiger bay we have just started reading it we are up to chapter five love your work please email back From Emmaline
hi i’m Sarah and at school we are reading your book “Pearl Of Tiger Bay” so far we are upto chapter 5. I think it is really interesting. I can’t wait till we start reading the next chapter.
hi gabriella wang, you are the best author that i like i hope u will vist st albans east primary school again i love all ur books and you are a grat artist and text writer i want to read all ur books and i am getting to of your books because they are really […]
Dear Gabrielle, You are amazing. I love your books! I read the lion drummer and it was a good story and my whole calss really enjoy it. I am going to buy the book call a ghost in my suitcast. What is it about? it is the ghost hunter going to be friend with the […]
hey gabrielle wang your are my frist new author.In room 1 we read one of your book called the lion drummer and we finished that book and now we are reading the garden of empress crasis. You are the best author that i ever met.And your the frist author i ever seen in real life.I […]
Dear Ms. Wang I really like your drawing escpecially Peng we drawed it in our school St. Albans East Primary School your the best drawer your so lucky that your wishes came true 🙂 Noah (Sept 7, 2009)
hey gabrielle thanks so much for coming to our school today to marian college. i have had a great time listening to ur storys and looking at all ur wonderful pictures hope u come backk soon (Sept 3, 09)xxo
hi Gabrielle Wang, im sarah and i am from marian college. i borrowed one of your books called the pearl of tiger bay. i have only read the first few chapters and i cant wait to read more. the next book i will read is a ghost in my suit case. i really do hope […]
Hi Miss Wang, It’s Juniper again, I’ve read The Pearl of Tiger Bay for like the 20th time now. I think it’s such a great book, can’t wait to save up my pocket money to buy your other books, too. I’ve decided I’m going to write a book. I’ve already started it and I’m on page 21 […]
Dear Gabrielle, It has been an honour having you visit us. Thank you for all your time.We thought your experiences were very interesting. Your picture of ‘Peng’ is just so magical. It could almost leap out of the page. We are soon going to read the ‘Hidden Monastery.’ You have encouraged some of us to be […]
To Gabrielle You are a great friend. Also thankyou for coming to I.G.G.S and telling us about The Hidden Monastery although we already know about it because we read it. We finely finished the book. From Amy.
Hi Gabriel We have just finished the hidden monastery! in class.I have also read A Ghost in my Suitcase!Did Jaxs’ parents know he was a Peng master from the beginning?They are one of the best books I’ve read!!!!!!!You have to make a sequel to both of them!From Melisa IGGS
Dear Gabrielle Wang Thank you for visiting us in term 2. We recently finished ‘’the hidden monastery’’. I’ve read all your books they are so good!!!  Just a few questions: why did the fox spirit have sparks shooting out of its tail?Bye, Tegan
Dear Gabrielle,Thank you for coming to Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar. We finished reading The Hidden  Monastery today and it was fantastic! I think your books are fantastic and you have very good story line. From Leah year 4
Dear Gabrielle, I love the Garden of Empress Cassia. Mimi is what I call my little sister. I am not that much into drawing but I love seeing other people draw. We are reading the Hidden Monastery in class we finished it today and I thought it was pretty interesting. Yu Yu sounds like a […]
To Gabrielle Wang, in grade 4G (my class), we have been reading the hidden monastery. It was an awesome book! I have one question… How does Jax’s father know about him being a peng master? Or is it meant to be a mystery…From Emily.
Hello Gabrielle Wang I Love Your New Book It’s The Best I’ve Ever Read! I’ve Read It 5 Times And Reading It A 6th Now! We Have To Read This Book For Our Novel Study This Term And I’m Glad The Teacher’s Picked This One Cause We Have To Do An Assignment On It Which […]
hi Gabrielle Wang, i despretly am in love with your books. i have read: *the garden of empress cassia. *the pearl of tiger bay. and i am reading a gohst in my suit case. and i am going to read lion drumer questions: ~what is your next book. love ~HANNAH~ (P.S) i am rely crazzy […]
Hi, my name is Maigan, i am 13 years old. Just today actualy i went to your workshop on voices on the coast, and i really enjoyed it. The activities and exersices helped heaps and i am just starting to write a novel now. Anyway, i am just really happy to have gone to voices […]
Hi The new book sounds great and i will be begging my sister to read it when it is out next year as I love your books so I hope she does too. I will probably read it too. Did you enjoy your holiday in the outback as i am sure that would of been […]
Dear Mrs Wang,in my class at school we have been reading “A ghost in my suitcase” we think that your description is very good and we love how you made it so Ting Ting runs away and we thought it was really funny when the frogs jump on the bus and on Celeste’s foot we […]
Dear Gabrielle,Thank you so much for replying! I have tried to E-mail so many authors before, and all I got back was an e-card type thing from their publishers or whatever, this means so much to me.Did you like reading when you where my age? I love reading, especially books like yours, with some mystery […]
Dear Mrs (Are you a Mrs?) Wang,I have read your “Garden of Empress Cassia” and “The Pearl Of Tiger Bay”. While I was reading “The Pearl Of Tiger Bay”, I didn’t even realise it was by you! Then today, I searched “Gabrielle Wang” on my school libraary computer, to see if they had “A Ghost […]
Hello Gabrielle,I really enjoyed your visit last Friday to IGGS. Your great writing has inspired me to write a story about a family in Afghanistan. I really enjoy writing stories and drawing. I loved your drawing of Peng! (17th May 09)From Stella
Hi Gabrielle! My name is Gemma, I am an 11 year old girl and I absolutely love your book Pearl Of Tiger Bay. I recently just finished the book and I decided to do my homework on it. You are my favourite author so far and you don’t know how many books i have read! […]
hi gabrielle, i am in year 9 and have read all your book. once i’d read one your books i had to keep going i think their fantastic. i was wondering if you had anymore books coming out soon?  (9th May 09)
Dear Gabrielle, My class just adore your books we have read The garden of Empress Cassia and it was so magnificent and we love it so much we are reading the Pearl of Tiger and it’s really exciting! My teacher is upsessed with you! You write amazing stories! Good Job! :)From Helen!
Dear Gabrielle,I love your book A Ghost in my suitcase soo much!!! I am even doing a reading presentation on  it. I wish you would come to my school and talk to us, just imagining it makes me jump out of my seat! your books have inspired me to read and write more! Thank-you for […]
Dear Gabrielle,your books have inspired me to write more often. I also loved your book the Garden of Empress Cassia, in fact I loved all of your books. I hoped that you will write more books and inspire more chldren out in the world to start writing.Jemma (30th April 09)
Hi Gabrielle Wang,My name is Natalie and i am 11 (turning 12)and I am currently suck in your amazing book, The Pearl of Tiger Bay. It is an amazing story! I love it and i can’t put it down! i can remember you visited my school Lowther hall and you told us about all your […]
Hello Gabrielle,I like reading The Garden Of Empress Cassia book. The reason why I like your book is because some books tend to be really good at the start but, then the ending, it will slack off. We’ll your one doesn’t. We’ll also I don’t usually like reading but, with this book I will really […]
Dear Ms Wang,I love your books so much. I love to write too. I love your book The Pearl Of Tiger Bay, Annie Starr is a lot like me. Also, I love your book A Ghost In My Suitcase, I finished both books in a day. Your books are so powerful and make you feel […]
Dear Ms Wang, My Grandmother gave me this book with you signature on it I was thrilled. Even with the cover I knew that the ghost in my suitcase would be great. But it was Fantastic, I could not put it down I felt like I was in Celeste’s body and I was nearly crying because […]
Dear gabrielle,I love your  books! At school i am reading the Garden of Epress Cssia and just  finished your book the hidden monastery and loved it!!! Your books  capture me so much and you make me feel like i am in the story! At school  my favorite subject is writing and think I write in […]
I am 11 and would really like it if you would write back  or tell me when your next signing is because my favouriet book shop is  readings book shop in carlton and would really like to meet you. Once again i  love your books and they really capture me. Rachael ps. Your books have made […]
hello its rosemary i loved the book ghost in my suitcase its very nice i loved when the ghost transformed when she captured them in the mirror and placed them in a pond.i heard that your next book is little paradise hope its a lovely book. im 11 years old and i read a lot of […]
Dear Ms Wang, I read your book this term and have loved it. We are doing a literature circle and making a play about the scene where she has to jump over the boulders. Have you got any suggestions on how we could make it really good. I think that you could really make a […]
Dear Ms Wang, I have read the book (The Garden Of Empress Cassia) and it grabbed me to the limit. Now that I have read it I would like to make sure the whole world can read it! So I am presenting a play to my class of year 4 with a group of friends that […]
Dear Ms Wang,I have recently read your book (The Garden of Empress Cassia) and it inspired me to follow my own way.I have read this book for school and are doing a play on the chapters ‘Ghost Gum Park’. I am doing this with two friends.Love Claudia P.S Are you making anymore books soon?
Dear Ms Wang, I have read your book The Garden of Empress Cassia and I love it. I love the idea of the garden and how she throws the pastels. I am making a play about the chapter Ghostgum Park. From Nadia! P.S why did you make the chapter sweet dreaming
HI, it’s me, Elliott. Do you remember me from the book launch a few months ago? Not only have I finished A Ghost In My Suitcase, but have read The Hidden Monastery and The Garden of the Empress Cassia. All three books were amazing stories, and I can’t wait to read Little Paradise. Your books […]
hi gabriella,i hope u have a fantastic christmas to.i have been dancing all weekend so i am sorry that this might be a late reply but on the 6th and 7th of december i had a dancing concert it was so fun there were 3 matinees.i am not that big of a fan of reading […]
Hello Gabrielle Wang, My teacher Ms Mclaren read us one of your books and i think it was fantastic The book we read was the Garden of Empress Cassia and the part I liked best was when Jemma took those special pastels, my heart pounded, and when the art teacher told Mimi about her using […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, Are there any new boks coming out yet?? If yes please email me back and tell me where I can find them in Australia, Brisbane.P.S LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!from your fan reader,Stephanie
dear Gabrielle wang, thank you for your reply. as soon as i read it i printed it out and showed it to my teacher from last year Mrs.Lette. did i mention her in my letters i sent you last year? when i showed her she was thrilled that you replyd to me and she can’t […]
Heygabrielle! its been a couple of hours since i wrote my last email. thanks so much for writting back! guess what! ive already finished The Garden of Empress Cassia! now im reading the hidden Monastery! im already up to page 45! im so excited to pick it up again! From your number one reader Demi.xx
HI GABRIELLE.Im lauren. Im in Year 5. you visited us on friday. you were great! i LOVE your books, thought i have only read ‘Pearl of Tiger bay.’For christmas i want some of your books from Santa! your a really good writer AND drawer.Ive already taught my sister how 2 draw ‘PENG.’
Hi Gabrielle,I am anna, you came to my school today to talk to us abot your books. I relly enjoyed you coming in, and I loved all of your drawings, espesially the one of Peng. tomorrow I am going to buy your book ‘the hidden monistry’and I can’t wait to start reading it. I thought […]
Hey Gabrielle, My name is Lucy and I would like to say that I love your drawings and your books. I think you really encouraged me to write books. Thank you for that. I have been writing a book for a while and I would love to finish it but I don’t think it is […]
Hi! Gabrielle Wang!! You have recently came to my school and would like to say thanks for coming. I bought a book from my school library ‘The garden of Empress Cassia’ its very interesting and full of imaginations! Im thinking of buying The Pearl of Tiger Bay. And again thank you for visiting my school […]
Hello Thank you very much for coming to our school. I enjoyed the drawing very much. I have one question for you….. “Who is the girl on the cover of The Gardens of Empress Cassia? I love the book!!! Mrs Elstob ( our library teacher) reads the book really well and great with exspression!! In […]
hi gabrielle!!!!! I’m Natasha I was there at the readers cup five! I am your BIGGEST fan!!!!!!!! i’m also gonna get lots of your books!!!! hoow kool is that and I want to become an author like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My name is Raegan and I am eleven years old. I have read most of your books including The Garden of Empress Cassia, The Hidden Monastery and The Pearl of Tiger Bay. My favourite would have to be The Garden of Empress Cassia because I like the words you used to describe objects and people […]
i love your books i live in manang from michael
Hi Gabrielle, I am a year 4 student in Brisbane. I am doing a talk on my favourite illustrator-  it’s you!! I have read the FAQ on your website but need help with the following questions. What is your favourite method of Artistic expression[ eg Water colours, Collage, oil paints] ? I went to your […]
Hi Thankyou so much for coming to our school for Writer’s Day. I am going to come to your book launch at BookBonding in Essendon in Febuary For your new book A Ghost In My Suitcase I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. Thankyou for your time. Clara
Dear Gabrielle Wang, My name is Hollie and I am a year 5 student. I really enjoyed your visit to our school on Monday. My favourite part was the drawing of peng everyone had such good pictures. Thank you for telling us about The Garden of empress cassia because I have just started reading after […]
me and my friend love your book pearl of tiger bay we think it is great .. can you please tell us some facts about this book /..we really enjoy your book we hope you reply!!! from grace and fanfan