This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. Australian children’s and YA author Cath Crowley talks about her writing process.
This post is a continuation of last week’s on ‘ghost writing and fengshui’ so if you haven’t done so already, read last week’s first.
This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. Australian children’s and YA author Michael Gerard Bauer talks about his writing process.
I am writing a short story – a ghostly short story for an anthology for Penguin. Its working title is ‘The Thing At the Window’. Yesterday was the perfect morning to begin work. Everyone had left the house
This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. Australian children’s author Claire Saxby talks about her writing process.               How did you get your first book published? The first writing class I did was Short Story. Easiest way to start I figured. Hah! Of course, to […]
I’m imagining myself in Italy, in a sunny classroom learning Italian. And in London visiting museums. And in New York seeing my daughter. And in all these places – London, San Giovanni Valderno and New York, I hope to gather ideas for a new novel.
Hi Gabrielle, It is am absoloute pleasure to be able to contact you because you are amazing at writing great books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At All Hallows Middle school you are “Author of the Month”. From Danielle
This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. Australian children’s and YA author Michael Wagner talks about his writing process.
Take a look at Simmone Howell’s blog, ‘Anatomy of a Novel’ where I talk about the behind the scenes stuff of Little Paradise.
I your awesome you are super duper cool! i love your books there so cool. i read one of your books when i was 4 but i do not remember mum told me i did and i have the book in my shelvers well in mum’s specal shelves. Now i will talk to you about […]
You are awsom I am am your biggest fan your books are great .I am so looking forward to reading more of your books – Ella
I’ve read your kids night in its sooooooooo cooool i love it.
Ithink your books are great! I have read your book Meet Poppy. It was really exciting. From Evie
There are two worlds authors inhabit – the one inside their heads, and the one that is all around them. I spend so much time inside my imagination I wonder if will take me over one day. Which reminds me of Jean-Dominique Bauby’s tragic memoir, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.
Dear Gabrielle Wang, I love all your books sooooo much!!!! please write more because I really enjoy your books just like my friend Jenny. Whenever our class goes to the librabry we run to the books you wrote to see if there is any new books coming out.I’ve read Little Paradise recently and that is […]
Now I know why they call it the HOTSEAT. SuperClubsPLUS is a fantastic SAFE social learning network for children aged 6-14. When I was shown around the site, it made me want to be a kid all over again it looked like so much fun.
Inspired by Simmone Howell’s Anatomy of a Novel, this is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. Australian author Hazel Edwards talks about her writing process.
‘From things that have happened and from things as they exist and from all things that you know and all those you cannot know, you make something through your invention that is not a representation
hello Mrs. Wang. my name is skye symons and i have been a treasured reader of your novels for about three years. i find them inspirational and those based on a true story like Little Paradise is, i feel like i am actually apart of the story and that is whst i like to feel […]
Inspired by Simmone Howell’s Anatomy of a Novel, this is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. Children’s and YA author Julia Lawrinson talks about her writing process.
Happiness is finding a fairy den in the heart of Melbourne. While taking my dog for a walk and collecting new perches for my cockatiel, I came across this beautiful track in Wattle Park.
Dear Gabrielle Wang, WOW. I just finished your book…I started reading it late last night, and finished it at about midday! Your book ‘Little Paradise’ is amazing, and I smiled right along with Mirabel, and my heart ached as she cried… I felt everything she did. Such a compelling read. I recommend that all who […]
Hey my name is Lloyd. My class has to read your book called The Pearl of Tiger Bay. I like the book. At the beginning of the book it was scary because when Bea went missing and there was a footprint that was her’s and there was a nother one that wasn’t her’s that was […]
Inspired by Simmone Howell’s Anatomy of a Novel, this is the first in a series of guest blogs on How Writers Work. YA author Michael Pryor talks about his writing process.
I am reminded once again of the importance of liking your teacher in order for the brain to be open to learning. I’ve been studying Italian on and off for years but have taken it more seriously these past few months. In June I’m off to an Italian school in San Giovanni, Italy. Yay!
When I was a child, some of my favourite books were the ones that were filled with black and white illustrations. There were two reasons why I loved them.
Yesterday was the official launch of the OAG series held at Readings Hawthorn in Melbourne.
Yullarah Covers New Book By Tammy Mills Shepparton’s Yullarah Lowe is the cover girl of a new series of Australian books that celebrate different cultural heritages. The 12-year-old appears
Alphabet Soup interviewed me about the making of the Poppy series. See the interview here
I love this new discovery –  a dancing frog in the sky.  And I love stories that remind us of how small and insignificant we are. Called Hanny’s Voorwerp, this is the first time it has been photographed. It is a gaseous blob that is giving birth to new stars.
OUR AUSTRALIAN GIRL Series It is always an exciting time when a book is about to be launched. ‘MEET POPPY’ is the first in a series of four novels about an 11 year old Aboriginal girl. Poppy (Kalinya) and her brother Gus (Moyhu) live on Bird Creek Mission near Echuca in the colony of Victoria. The […]
Hello Gabrielle, How are you? I hope you are good. I have a few questions to ask you. Is that ok? 1. Out of all the books you have writtin which one did you enjoy writting the best? 2. Have you ever drawn the pictures for a picture story book, but haven’t written it? 3. […]
Authors around Australia have united to donate books and services to the Authors for Queensland Floods Online Auction. There are some great donations here – signed copies of books, (fiction and non fiction, children’s and adults), writing workshops, manuscript assessments, and
As writers we settle into a kind of writing comfort zone. So it’s good to be reminded of the common mistakes that we can make. Below is a link to great article by Pat Holt on the ten most common writing mistakes. After reading it I scrutinised a few chapters to see if I could […]
Review of Little Paradise by The Book Gryffin ‘Often, while reading a book, a single word will circulate in my mind. This word usually sums up my overall feeling about the novel itself. The word that continually whispered in my subconscious whilst reading Gabrielle Wang’s- Little Paradise, was effortless.Much has been written about World War […]
Here is a list of the books that I’ve read this year. Many I listened to on audio book while cooking dinner or eating or driving in the car. Books that have asterisks beside them were my favouites for 2010. 
I will be away a lot next year which is a good thing and a bad thing. I love being away but it means that I have less writing time. So what are my plans for 2011?
I just received in the mail a stack of shiny new books. These are pre release copies of my latest book Meet Poppy which will come out in February. When you are an author, the publisher sends you copies of your book before they go into the shops. It is always exciting
Our children are now young adults so without little ones in the house Christmas time for me is always a little sad. I miss not decorating the Christmas tree with them. I miss the magic of Christmas eve
hi gabrielle im only 10 but i have read one of your books and i love the ghost in my suitcase book i read it at school and i fell in love with it so what are you doing in the future because if you making another book i will apserlutley be the fist one […]
John Leonard was a well known American critic. Here’s what he wrote in a New York Times’ article called ‘Smash Mouth Criticism’ about responsible reviewing. “[I now] suggest some hard-won guidelines for responsible reviewing. For instance: First, as in Hippocrates, do no harm.
Reading reviews of your own book can be an unhealthy occupation. You tend to remember only the bad comments even if the review overall is favourable. If there is only one negative sentence in the whole article, that’s the one your brain tends to zoom in on, forever branded on a wall in your mind […]
Ideas for stories are like water from a well. Sometimes the well goes dry and the novel, which began in a gush, diminishes to a trickle. No matter how deep you dig the ground remains hard and dry. That’s when another source has to be found, a new spring to draw from.
Hey Gabrielle, Last Thursday you came to my school and after your visit I borrowed your two books the ghost in the suitcase and the garden of empress cassia. You are such a great writer the books were so hard to put down. Hope you write more adventurous yet great stories. 🙂 From Aninspiredchild
Wrapped in thoughts Warm sheets of flannel Hidden from your mum In our dark cave dwelling Icy toes touching Giggling eyes closing Whisper you Whisper me Whisper boys Whisper beaches Whisper hand mouth kisses Whisper you Whisper me Whisper warm breaths of tomorrow
Hi Gabrielle Wang you have visited my old school balwyn north primary school in 2009 i think i love you book they make me feel so great and excited not wanting to stop reading!!!!! I love you books “Garden of empress Cassia” “the hidden monastry!!!” I love you!!!!!! oxoxoxoxoxizza
I recently spent a week ‘playing’ with my childhood friend, Wendy. She now lives on beautiful Kangaroo Island off the coast of Adelaide. I say ‘playing’ because it doesn’t seem that long ago since we were curious ten year olds. And if you
I’m off to Kangaroo Island to stay with a childhood friend, Wendy. I know there’s a story there in the whisper of wind, the surge of wave, the grunt of seal. Only the Muse knows.
Last week the ceremony for the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge was held in the Great Hall of the National Gallery. The top 20 or so schools were awarded a certificate by the Premier, John Brumby.
I have a book called Common Knowledge published in 1975, edited by the psychologist Dr. Robert E Ornstein. In the forward Ornstein writes about the San Francisco Chronicle which, in 1965, began to – ‘print stories which continually upset our “idea of the world” as a stable neat place.
I didn’t know that this frogmouth who is nesting in the street outside my house was sitting on an egg when I took this photo a few weeks back.
Dear Gabrielle, i love all the books you have written and i just simply can’t choose which one was the best because they were all VERY good. i started reading them because my friend said that “Little Paradise” was good so i read that and i thought it was good and our school library had […]
I have a Dancing Ladies orchid in my back room. Every time it flowers tiny ants crawl up and down the stems and collect the nectar. It’s sweet like honey. When the flowers die, I cut the stems and the ants disappear.
Here are some photos from my mum’s cooking class on Saturday. I was official dish washer and taste tester.
Dear Gabrielle, you probably don’t remember me but you did a presentation at my school, Norman Park State School! I told you at the end of your presentation that I love your books especially “the garden of emporess cassia” and I asked how to contact you or if you had a website! So here I am contacting […]
Hi Gabrielle, My name is Megan I really enjoyed your books especially A Ghost in My Suitcase. I really hope that I can write like you someday. In year 5 (2 years ago) you came to my primary school, Camberwell South P.S. I have only bought 2 of your books but I am convincing my parents to get another I […]
me encanto tu libro el jardin de la emperatriz casia en este ,momaento lo estoy estudiando en mi colegio blaise pascal colombia
hi gab, you dont mind me calling you gab do you? if you dont just tell me. i have writen to you,well my whole class did. my teachers name is mrs.linda wilson. do you remember her? well we finished ‘the garden of empress cassia’ i loved it and my friend bridie is reading’a gohst in my suitcase’ thanx for waisting your time […]
Dear Ms Wang, I’m Jemma and I’m writing to you because at school we have been doing some researching for a project on an author and I choose you. So far I’ve read 3 of your beautiful books,”Tiger Bay” rank 10/10, “Ghost in my Suitcase” rank 91/2 /10 and “The Lion Drummer” rank 91/2 /10. I […]
I saw you at the voices of the coast. I really want to read little pardise. from Beth
Hey gabrielle love the garden of Empress  Cassia we read as a class novel it was so good and so can not what to read your next book.You make every thing so interesting and gemmer is a meany like why whold you do that and the last and second lased chapter where the best by […]
Gabrielle Ilove your book “THE GARDEN OF EMPRESS CASSIA” it os the best book so far. We’ve just finished the book as a grade and i wish it was longer. from Zac
Hi Gabrielle, I have recently read one of your books it was fantastic. I think Gemma deserved what happened to her I so want to read another book of yours.  bye from bradley.
Hey Gabrielle, i have just read your book called the Garden of Empress cassia! I thought it was a fantastic book and would like yo read more. I just did not want it to end. Your book made me laugh but sometimes sad. I thought peppy sounded cute. I could really picture some of your […]
Hi Gabrielle, I am Josh from Sunbury and I just finished the garden of empress cassia. I loved the part when Gemma got cursed by the pastels. When I am older I want to be just like you. You are my favourite author.
Hi, I am a student at Goonawarra Primary School. My class has just finished the Garden of Empress Cassia. I loved it. Thankyou Mrs Wang for it. from Josh B
Hi Gabrielle, I just finished reading the garden of empress cassia at school. It was just AWESOME your sentences are amazing. I cant wait to read another book of your from shanuka.
Hi Gabrielle,I’ve just finsished reading the garden of empress cassia. I love your book it encourages me to read more. I want to read all your books. from ebony.
To Miss Wang, I have read Garden of empress cassia and want to read more books that you wrote. from Tee-Jay.
to Gabrille,Our class has just finished the garden of Empress cassia.It was a exellent and exiting book.I am reading one of your other books and it is great. From Jacob.
Dear Gabrielle I have just read the garden of Empress cassia.It was a really,really great book.Every chapter I read I wanted to read more.I would read another of your books because I really liked the garden of Empress cassia. From Jaime
hi gabrielle our class just finished The Garden of Empress Cassia. I loved it! from tyah your number 1 fan! see ya!!!!
Hi Gabrielle I have just finished the book the garden of empress cassia. It’s a great story. I would like to read a lot mreof ur books By Jay
Hi Gabrielle my name is Nathan your books are awesome.I love Empress Cassia I hope you make more books like Empress Cassia.I am 11 years old and I love booksI read 3 short books a every night I think your the best Authers and three other Authers. Bye for now
Dear Gabrelle Wang, My name is Bride im eleven years old.You are an absoluely AWESOME writer i jus finished the Garden of Empress Cassia and it was Fantastic.I would love to to read more of your books.Please write back i would love you to an so would my mates!!!!!!Your book The Gardent of Empress Cassia […]
hi Gabrielle, I’m jansu, ive been to every one of your book launches, and I must say the one at book bonding where you had that magnificent cake, but I missed out because I had to go to art class. I believe your books are …..FAB! well the reason I have emailed is well where doing book reports on […]
hi, sorry that i haven’t talked to you for a long time. i heared that you can’t come to my school this year but could you come next yaer in 2011 for my last year of school PLEASE!!! ohh, and my library teacher says hello. i am reading Little Paradise and it’s GREAT!!! love hannah […]
In 2008 I attened the Readers Cup in which you were the guset author. I fell in love with your great ability to write. You have really inspired me! Now I really love to read your books and I have been writing plans to create my own books. I first read the Hidden Monastry and […]
Hi Gabrielle! I just thought I might tell you that I read Little Paradise a little while ago. It’s now shelved under my absolute favourites…I laughed, I cried, and smiled in that book. It’s positively excellent. I especially cried when Mirabel wrote that really awful letter to JJ (he’s such a cute character, by the way) […]
Hi Gabrielle, It’s Bec Wu. Your drawings are fabulous and I’ve just recently read the Garden of Empress Cassia. I love it and do not show any pity to what happened to Gemma. Please publish more similar books.
A GHOST IN MY SUITCASE is a great book. luckily this year, my class has been nominated to be in the READER’S CUP & ‘A Ghost In My Suitcase’ is one of the books we are competing. It is a fantastic book as i know some of the knowledge as i am also a Chinese […]
Hi Gabrielle I have read most of your books they are fantastic. I started with Ghost in my Suitcase and i knew ihad to read more so then i went on and read Pearl of tiger bay and then Gardden of Empress Cassia and just recently i finished The Hidden Monastery and boy was that a […]
Hi it’s Amy again, I go to Margaret Beaufort Middle School, Risley,Bedfordshire, England. Are class has just finished reading your book, The Garden of Empress Cassia. It is really good, the best book ive ever read. We have done lots of English lessons on your book. Like writing a diary for Josh and Mimi, writing some […]
congratulations gabrielle on winning the award for ghost in my suitcase i think u really deserved it for the many books you’ve written congratulations love skye x x x
hi gabrielle i just love the book a ghost in my suitcase. I got it for christmas and hope to get more of your books for my birthday and for christmas. from chloe saunderson!!!
hello its kira im 9 years old i  live in Rusden i like your books i am  reading 1 of ur books in  school can u  give me some tips about how you write a story I’m  writing one at  the minute.(UK)
You are my romodel I have read 1 of your books and it is my favourite book of all time. You enspired me to start writing my own book. When I’m older I want too be just like you. I want too be just as sucsesful at being an author.It is my dream job! Love Your biggest […]
hey gabrielle my mum took me to a book shop and got me the one and only ghost in my suitcase which i hope wins the aurealias awards totally awesome goodluck love skye x x x
Hello Ms Wang, How are you? I hope you had an extraordinary Christmas and New Year, and I wish you all the best on your writing this year. I have finished The Pearl of Tiger Bay for the fourth time now, and A Ghost In My Suitcase for the third. I’m so ecstatic because my […]
hey gabrielle my last post was july 16 and since then my parents got my garden of empress cassia and little lion drummer for my sister i hope i can get a ghost in my suitcase for xmas merry christmas gabrielle ~sincerely skye x x x
Dear Gabrielle, Thank you so much for visiting our school(Balwyn North Primary) and drew Peng for us , Everyone enjoyed it very much. We even put up our drawings of Pend and all of the photos. We have read The Garden of Empress Cassia, The Pearl of Tiger Bay and The Hidden Monestery. Everyone loves […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang I absolutely love your books. Your stories help me with writing stories and I won an award on parade before for Good Writing. Sandra
Hello Gabrielle Wang. I’m starting to get addicted to your books! You’re a fantastic author and illustrator. I have read, The Garden of Empress Cassia, The Hidden Monastry, A Ghost in my Suitcase and I just finished The Pearl of Tiger Bay. All of your stories are interesting and are helping me to improve on […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!! The Garden Of Empress Cassia is one of my favourite novels. Your books are very interesting. I have read The Garden Of Empress Cassia and i’ve almost read The Hidden Monastery. I wish i could write books as good as you, perhaps one day i will Regards Sallyanne
Dear Gabrielle WangI have only read one of your books and loving it. I hope to read all of your books. I might become an author as good as you Regards Joy
Hi Gabrille, My name is Gabrielle too. I luv ur books there so well written n so imaginative. I luv ur lil pics in the story too. YOU R GREAT AT WRITING AND DRAWING. Keep up the AWESOME WORK!!!! FROM YOUR FAN, Gabrielle
Hi Gabrielle, u r nice and A good story maker and a good drawer i like how u drawed the pong it cool. Rahma
i love the books That you write especialy tiger bay! I like reading your books. Can you Give Me Some Hints for Writting Narratives, Monica