THE RACE FOR THE CHINESE ZODIAC at the Melbourne Recital Centre The Jade Emperor has declared a great race: the first animals to cross the river will win a place in the Chinese Zodiac.  Thirteen animals line up along the shore.  But there are only twelve places to be won.
Dear Gabrielle, Continued on from Allison I go to R.P.P.S I am in 3h.I was reading the Ghost and The Suitase I loved it.The ending was sad when Por Por got stuck in her mirror but I liked it anyway. From Allison
I am very busy at the moment with Hero, our new cocker spaniel puppy. We picked him up last Sunday. He’s 8 weeks old.
Hi Gabrielle thanks for your email. I thought you wouldnt email me back since your an amazing author and everyone’s emailing you. I am still readin the Pearl of Tiger Bay. I am up to the bit where Annie and Jin are on the boat. I am nearly done writing my story. I wish you […]
hi gab i just can`t stop talking about your books i love them so much! from your fan kassidy
Hi Gabrielle! You probably dont remember me! My name is Cooper and you came to my school. You are such an amazing author I love reading your books. You are also an amazing drawer. I wish I could write stories like you. In fact I am writing a story now at home. It is much […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, you are the best drawer I ever seen in my life. It was hard to draw peng but you did it so easily.It looks really did you become such a good drawer. From Nikola
Thank you for visiting my class 4iw and 4mf and teaching us how to draw Peng.I realy liked it when you visited our school and told us those storys about when you were a child and the one where you went to the mansion.That was pretty cool. Brandon
Dear Gabrielle, i love your book The garden of empress casia.I thought gemma was so jelous she should not deserve to be in it if it were based on a true story.By the way i would be so exiting to see you in real life.People from all of my class 3L to be exact would […]
I like how you came to our school and i like the drawing we did.Keep on writing books. Saleh Hi Saleh, I tried to write back to you but my email bounced. Make sure your email address is exact. Try writing to me again. Gabrielle
how many books have you made, my favourite is poppy comes home. Marlee Hi Marlee, I tried to write back to you but my email bounced. You can try writing to me again. Make sure your email address is correct. Gabrielle
Dear.Gabrielle I’m from Thomas Mitchell . i just want to say that it was so great meeting you today. I loved the story that you told my class and i about you and your best friend Wendy when you were still young.I wish you come back to our school. Anyway you gave so much inspiration. […]
I love this ipad app called Kwik Draw. It works like a light box. Before I purchased Kwik Draw, if I wanted to enlarge a drawing I used to have to take it to the printers and get them to do a photocopy. 
Hi Gabrielle Wang, At my school we have got Lit Circles and my group is reading your amazing book A Ghost in my Suitcase. I really enjoying reading your book and you are one of my favourite authors.You put so much thrills in your book which gives my teacher and I goosebumps… Please write back […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, My class was reading The Garden of Empress Cassia my classed loved it.My teacher said your descriptions were really good I could imagine it. From Allison
hi gab my whole reading class is was reading Poppy and the thief and i think it was great i borrowed it from the kempsey libary. do you like to borrow form the libay were you live?.and now we are reading poppy comes home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have to go now byebye love from brooke
hi gabrielle wang do you know you are come to thomas micthell i go there such a big fan because i read the lion dummmer i loved so much then i read the garden of empress caissa I love it so much!!!!!!!!what happen to you if you had fight with bestie because i had 1 […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, I can not wait till you come to my school. I really like your Poppy siries. But my favourite book is Meet Poppy. Me and my best friend Isabella can;t wait till we see you at our school. Yours Sencierly Anastasia
Dear Gabrielle Wang We can’t wait till you come to visit our school next Tuesday !!! We are currently listening to the audio book of ‘A Ghost In My Suitcase’. We think it is an amazing book and we can’t wait to read your new book! We hope that you enjoy your visit to Thomas […]
Hi gab i have readed your book poppy and the thief it was fabulous thanks for the email love from kassidy
hi gab my whole reading class is was reading Poppy and the thief and i think it was great i borrowed it from the kempsey libary. do you like to borrow form the libay were you live?.and now we are reading poppy comes home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have to go now byebye love from brooke
                  This week, children’s author Wendy Orr visits my blog. How did you got your first book published? I made a decision to write seriously –  for publication – at the beginning of 1986.
hi gab my name is brooke and i love all the books that you write i have them all and so does my friend kassidy. well were doing a assesment and i need to know people who live in your family please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi gabreille you rock i love all of your books so does my friend brooke she sent you an email yesterday. From your fans Kassidy and Brooke
dear gabrielle wang i am so thrilled you are comming to my school. i love your book little paridise it is so interesting. from isabella!
I’m really looking forward to this day where I will be presenting with authors and illustrators such as Paul Collins, Meredith Costain, Susanne Gervay, Dianne Bates, Michael Panckridge, Phil Kettle and Michael Salmon. Topics discussed will be: Reading into the Future, Issue Based Novels,
Thank you to Luther College for inviting me to teach the Year 7’s Chinese brush painting. The students produced some beautiful work. I was very proud of them all! And what a wonderfully polite year level they were too!
Last week, my publisher Jane Godwin, Our Australian Girl series editor Davina Bell, my editor, Katie Evans and I travelled up to Wahgunyah to launch the final book in the series, Poppy Comes Home.
Hello Gabrielle! I’m Fernanda from St Andrews At ferny grove(you arrived on the 18th of Octover wich was yesterday) You probably don’t remember me but I am de girl from Chile. You told me there was a book called The garden of empress Cassia that was translated in spanish.I remember you saying to me in […]
Thank you so much for your visit to St Andrew’s school yesterday, I really enjoyed listening to you talk with the students & watch their faces light up as they listened to you!!I was also very excited to talk with you in our staffroom!! My daughters, Grace & Amelia were thrilled to know that I […]
I would like to take this chance to thankyou for coming to our school (St Andrews, Brisbane) and sharing your amazing talent as a author. You were extreamly insperational and you were a really intertaining woman. My teacher told us that she was trying to mark our work but listning to you and your interesting […]
Thankyou for coming to my school today I am 11 years old and go to st andrews school. Ilove the drawings that you have on your website. I havent read any of your books but they sound interesting. again thankyou for coming to my school and i hope i read your books.
Hi I was just wondering if u were writing a new book cause I would love to hear about it?  On an other subject I love your puppies they are so cute.  I also love your paintings just to add in Goodbye Farewell And Sincerely Harriett for st Andrews school Öö:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
hi Gabrielle, my name is Bre Davis and i live in Western Australia. i have just finished reading A Ghost in my Suitcase for the hundredth time and i just want to congratulate on a fantastic book. I loved the way how you made the ghosts seem so real 🙂 well done! the book made […]
On Sunday I went down to Freshwater Creek, near Geelong, to take a look at my new puppy. He is an English cocker spaniel and I’m going to call him Hero.
I first went to China in 1977 on a tour with a group of overseas Chinese. We were some of the first tourists to be allowed into China after the Gang of Four were arrested in 1976.
In this TED talk, Sunni Brown shows us how important doodling is to learning. Part of being a children’s author is visiting schools to talk about books and writing. I’m an illustrator too, so for my primary school talks I have the students do an illustration with me. What if students were allowed to doodle […]
For the past 4 years I’ve had a rush of novel deadlines, first with Little Paradise, then with the four Poppy books. So how blissful it is now to relax in front of my drawing board, pick up a pencil or paintbrush and work on illustrations.
hi Gabrielle i just got the 2nd Poppy book : poppy at summerhill and i have already read it in half and hour! and i have read it 3 times!!!! I love your books from Maija
Hi Gabrielle, My names chloe and i saw you today 8th september thursay and we drew peng and i won ghost in my suitcase the book but my friend is reading it thanks for seeing us and choosing my drawing even though it was T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E!!! From Chloe
dear Gabrielle Wang my name is chelsea and i’m 11 years old me and my class have just finished your book the garden of emress cassia we enjoyed it really much everybody went crazy when it was in the libary again i am now reading a ghost in my suitcase me and my mum love […]
If you would like to buy this, you have to buy a set of Aussie Bites. But here is the link to Chinese Amazon if you would like to buy the boxed set.
These amazing paper sculptures accompanied by poetry have been appearing around the Scottish city of Edinburgh. Click on this link to read the article and see how truly beautiful these gifts are.
At the Ipswich Festival of Children’s Literature, the visiting authors were treated to a seminar about picture books and the ipad. We saw how cute the Winnie the Pooh app was when apples could be shaken off the tree – little interactive tricks where children could play with the illustrations. But we of the old […]
Dear Gabrielle, Thank you for a wonderful workshop. I have just completed my review of the workshop which includes a poem about Peng. I would love you to visit my blog at I was sad when the workshop was over. It felt like the workshop had only just begun. I am currently reading The […]
Hi Gabrielle, I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan! I have only read one of your books so far, The Garden of Empress Cassia. It was amazing and it has inspired me to read and write much more often! After reading The Garden of Empress Cassia I really want to read […]
Hi my name is Mackenzie you met me today i go to Silkstone State School 6C i would like to say thankyou and that I am reading one of your book i am reading A Ghost in my Suitcase it is a very good book i like it and i can’t wait to read more […]
                          1. How did you get your first book published? My road to publication was paved with a combination of persistence and luck. I started sending short stories to publishers when I was doing my Bachelor of Arts at uni. Many years later, […]
On Monday I visited Our Lady of Help Primary School in Ringwood to do a Chinese painting workshop with the Year 3s to 6s. First I taught them the four treasures of a Chinese painting studio – brush, paper, inkstone and inkstick. Then how to hold a Chinese brush. Everyone picked it up so quickly. […]
Ciao Gabrielle, Ho letto alcuni dei tuoi libri (in inglese) per me improvare il mio inglese. Ho sentito che impari italiano, e perchè il mio inglese non è troppo buono, ho pensato che scriverei a te in italiano. Mi piace studiare inglese (come puoi vedere dal mio e-mail). Amo il tuo libro “The Lion Drummer” […]
Hi, my name is Tien and I am currently studying for the HSC in Sydney. Although I should be focusing solely on my studies I still manage to find enough time to read books that interest me. I just finished Little Paradise and I loved it. I love learning about History and reading romantic novels […]
I really love your books that contain lots of advencures and mistorys that take me to a nother dimention. What books of yours do you recommend for me .thank you sooooo much for coming to are school! Ps I loved the book garden of emperss cassia so thank you for putting you books and thoughs […]
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    THANK YOU !!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this message is about saying how much you have brought me, my class, year 5 and WHOLE of Fiona !!!!!!!!!!!!    so thank you thank you for showing us how to make PENG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for being there and commenting us with our Writing, […]
This week I was very pleased to receive copies of the Chinese publication of The Lion Drummer.
This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. This week YA author and television script writer Fiona Wood gives us an insight into her writing life.
This is my horse, Prince. He took me to far off lands, over snow covered mountains, through misty valleys and shimmering forests. Sometimes he wore a crown of silver, sometimes a cape of gold.
This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. This week, award winning children’s picture book author and illustrator Narelle Oliver gives us an insight into her writing and illustrating life.
Dear Gabrielle wang, my name is Tylah and im very inspierd by your books! i read them usually when im not doing anything.i love the garden of empress cassia!! i love all your books,could you please reply.also i would like to give a shout ut to Jayme,Brooklynn and Ethan i love you guys xx and […]
Something creepy came my way a few weeks ago. Call it lucky, call it just plain old spooky, but for sure it has enhanced my WIP. I was working on the umpteenth draft of my ghost short story,
This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. This week, children’s author and illustrator Peter Carnavas gives us an insight into his writing and illustrating life.
Hello, It is such a pleasure writing to you.I think all your books are fascinating and they all very entertaining. Your ‘Meet Poppy’ series are very intriguing,I am totally  enjoying them. My favorite books that you have written is “Garden of Empress Cassia”,”Pearl of tiger bay” , “Ghost in my suitcase” and “the hidden Monastery”. […]
This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. This week, Tristan Bancks gives us an insight into his life as an author.
This is my New York City interview with Mary-Lea Awanohara. Mary-Lea writes a fascinating blog called The Displaced Nation. Before I give you the link to the interview, I would like to tell you how it all came about. It’s worth sharing for its strangeness. Again it demonstrates how connected we all are.
This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. In particular, children’s writers. Kate Gordon gives us an insight into her life as an author.             1. How did you get your first book published? I know that I was lucky to get my first book published in […]
There are two worlds authors inhabit – the one inside their heads and the one that is all around them. I spend so much of my time sitting at my desk, inside my imagination, I wonder if it will take me over one day.
The noise in New York fills every space, inside and outside your head. You could pick one of the myriad sounds and follow it to its source and there would be a story. There is so much to inspire


Jul 07: Booktalk
New York is a city of small villages connected by a vast subway system. The air is clean, the buses are electric, most people use public transport. Sprinklers on in playgrounds for kids to play under remind me of the good old days when water wasn’t a problem.
Clothes are cheap in NY and there is so much to choose from. Chelsea market in the meat packing district is cool with a wonderful sushi/fish shop. Bought wild salmon for dinner packed in ice and walked down Fifth Avenue to Central Park.
The Museum of Modern Art was my first stop today. In one of the rooms filled with paintings by Chagall, Kandinsky and Rousseau I heard a beautiful voice. It was soft but in perfect pitch and seemed to echo around the room. When I looked
My host family’s beautiful organic garden in San Giovanni Valdarno which means on the valley of the Arno River. This is the river that runs through Florence which is just a short 30 minute train ride away.
I am in Tuscany gathering ideas for my new novel, The Wish Bird. While learning the language, I’m visiting the many medieval towns, gazing in awe at the glorious countryside, taking in the sun
Dear Mrs. Wang, > One of the poems in Little Paradise inspired me to write one of my own. I would like to send it to you because it was your book that inspired me. It is called Australia. > Clouds that float a thousand feet > Without a breath, > Lake that stretches a […]
I am off overseas tomorrow for a month, and am travelling light. Well … trying to. I do have a BIG suitcase, half of which is filled with my daughter’s clothes. She’s living in New York and part of my trip will be visiting her. Of course, a big suitcase means that I can fill […]
Hi Gabrielle, I am just half way through your novel Little Paradise and I am in love! Your writing is so beautiful and it brings tears to my eyes at times, I love Mirabel- She is so sweet and beautiful and JJ is such a wonderful young man!! I think Little Paradise is probably the […]
While at Mr Tulks in the State Library of Victoria yesterday, a rainbow alighted on my coffee. It tasted of magic and dreams and faraway places. And then it was gone.
This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. Ian Irvine gives us an insight into his writing process.
I’ve had my head down working on my novel for most of this month. Life has been fairly boring – writing, editing, slashing, resubmitting. But for my main character, Poppy, there is high drama and action and lots of emotion. She is coming home.
This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. Lorraine Marwood, Australian poet and children’s author and winner of the Prime Minister’s Literary Award, gives us an insight into her writing process.
Hi Gabrielle I loved your book The Garden of Empress Cassia.I read it in two days!.Do you recamend any other great books you have wrote if you can that will be great. India
Hi Gabrielle, I love reading your books. They are really good. I unfortunately haven’t read all of them yet (i am slowly getting there) but my favourite so far is The Garden of Empress Cassia, which i read with school in grade 6 (i am currently in year 9)and i can’t wait to start reading […]
This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. Australian children’s author Corinne Fenton gives us an insight into her writing process.
Hi! My name is Danah! Gorgeia might have sent you an email because she is in my class. Our whole class enjoyed your book very much! We all commented on how well you described Mimi and how well you wrote your very first book. Also, even though you feel like a ‘banana’ why are you […]
Hi Ms Wang, For school this term we are reading “Garden of Empress Cassia”. I read it in TWO DAYS it was SOOOOOOOOOOO good. It was one of the best books I have read. I was wondering if you are Australian or if you live in a different country. I hope you can get back […]
This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. Australian children’s and YA author Carole Wilkinson talks about her writing.
I love Chinese paint brushes. Each one is handmade and a work of art. I have just soaked these brand new goats’ hair brushes my husband brought back from Beijing, in readiness for a Chinese painting workshop which I will be conducting in a school very soon.
Interview 2 – The Animals: Elaine Ouston’s latest fantasy book, The Mystery of Nida Valley, a tale of magic, time-travel, and adventure, for readers aged 10+
I am very excited that Poppy At Summerhill is out today. This is the second book in the OAG series and takes place on a wealthy homestead.
This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. This week I’m talking about how I write and my creative space.
Hey Gabrielle! I stumbled upon your page while looking at another Aussie author’s page (Michelle Cooper). I read your About and just want to say thank you for believing in yourself and not giving up when those 6 publishers rejected your first novel. I first read The Garden of Empress Cassia when I was in […]
Hello Gabrielle, My name is Janna and I am 11 in Year 6. I have read 5 of your books and still reading more. My favourite so far was ‘A Ghost In My Suitcase’. I know this isn’t the best question but I would like to know how old you are and when you started […]
It has always been a wonder to me how the Sun and Moon are almost exactly the same size when viewed from Earth. What are the chances?
This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. Australian children’s and YA author Sue Lawson talks about her writing process.
Autumn Dancing I was walking through Bourke Street Mall and happened upon a wonderful busking group playing Spanish Flamenco. Quite a large crowd had gathered and everyone was tapping their feet and swaying to the rhythm. But then a lady in her 60’s
Hey! I have just finished reading your awesome book Little Paradise!This book is such an inspiration! I think that Little Paradise is a must read for every teenage girl. It reminded me to never give up on hope, love and dreams. Is there any books like Little Paradise that you wrote? Because I would love […]
This is a weekly series of guest posts on How Writers Work. Australian YA author Lili Wilkinson talks about her writing process.
I was delighted to learn that The Race for the Chinese Zodiac has been named a ‘Notable Book’ in the Children’s Book Council of Australia list for 2011. See the full list here.