POPULAR children’s author Gabrielle Wang dropped in to Stonnington Primary School to share her love of reading and writing. Wang’s visit was part of the eighth annual Premiers’ Reading Challenge, which encourages students to discover the magic of books.
The Open Spaces picture book creators’ retreat run by the Australian Society of Authors was fantastic! We spent a fun packed and inspiration filled four days learning, sharing, collaborating, renewing old acquaintances and forming new ones. Here are just a few of my impressions.
These are my favorite cookies. They are crunchy and delicious.
Yesterday I was chased by an angry swarm of bees. I disturbed them when I lifted the lid of the compost bin. I ran like the devil waving my arms about my head trying to get rid of the bees
  “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” ~ William Morris 
I recently returned from Perth. It was my first visit and the only capital city in Australia that I hadn’t visited. My daughter lives there now so it won’t be my last time. Whenever I visit a new place I like to buy a small momento.
I have not started reading the hidden monastry yet but i am looking forward to reading it alexandra
I was at the hairdressers today and the lady who washed my hair asked me where I had been and what exciting thing I had done this morning. I wanted to tell her that only an hour ago I was in an ancient walled city with rat infested alleyways. That I was a ten year […]
The Meatballs’ Leader is a story from Tales of Afghanistan by Amina Shah (Octogon Press, London 1982) Once upon a time, there was a dish of meatballs, sizzling in the oven. ‘Oh, oh oh, who will save us from this terrible scorching heat?’ cried the meatballs.
On the train coming home after a meeting, I was reviewing my notes when a man in his 70’s asked where I was from and if I was studying English. I used to be offended by this assumption.
After months of school visits and being indoors, I felt the need to spend time in Nature – to listen instead of being listened to. Although I am not one to swim or lie on the beach, I love the sea. It is a dream of mine to one day own a small writing cottage […]
Tan Hong Ming in Love is one of those rare and lovely advertisements that captures the innocence of children.    
Yesterday was my last school visit for a few months. I gave a Chinese painting workshop to Year 7 students at Luther College in Croydon Hills. Here are some of the gorgeous paintings they did. These are closeups of the birds
Hi Gabrielle Wang My name is Gabrielle too. I’m am in year six and I love your books especially little paradise. While I was reading I couldn’t put the book down. Your books are very descriptive. I hope you can make new ones to.
Dear Gabrielle, If I was an author I would call it: Butterflies at my fingers. Here I made a song. When I see my tears drop on the ground My heart breaks and I fall But I see a bit of hope I stand up tall like a building high up in the sky I […]
I have just read your Garden of Empress Cassia. It fabulous! I was really scared when Gemma got sucked into the picture I was like: Whats going to happen whats going to happen? And eventully I released my breath for that last part: We pulled Gemma out. Yvonne PS: PLEASE email me I have been […]
dear Gabrielle at school we are in the middle of a book fair I bought one of your books I bought the hidden monastry From Alexandra
Li Bai is one of China’s most loved poets. He lived during the Tang dynasty (618-907) which is also known as the ‘Golden Age’ of classical Chinese poetry. Here is one of Li Bai’s beautiful poems translated by Sun Yu.
  Whenever I read a story be it a novel, short story or song I am enriched. When these stories come from students, I am in awe of the talent that is all around us.
Dear Gabrielle Wang, My name is Siobhan and I am in year 6. I wanted to tell that I love the Poppy books! They are amazing! I really want to read your other books! From Siobhan
hi i’m emilie i was reading your book a ghost in my suitcase it was rally good!!! can  please answer some of my questions 🙂 what where u felling when u wrote this book? is the book in china? thanks so much 🙂 em
Ideas for stories are everywhere. They come as gifts to the writer. Here are the gifts I received this week. And two had to do with rainbows!
For teachers using The Garden of Empress Cassia with their students, Senka King, Deputy Principal of St Albans East Primary School in Melbourne has kindly given me permission to publish the teachers’ notes she uses in her classrooms. Thank you so much Senka for sharing these! To view and download a copy go to The Garden […]
  Every so often I get a letter that confirms the fact that I have one of the best jobs in the world and makes the long, hard process of writing a novel so worthwhile. Here is one such letter. Hi Gabrielle, I am reading one of your books The Ghost in my Suitcase. It […]
In Year Eight we had to dissect a sheep’s eye. I was repulsed at seeing the eyeballs floating in a jar of formaldehyde like a Dali nightmare. Today, a student could probably conscientiously object on the grounds of being vegetarian. But not back then. There was no way out. Our science teacher, appropriately named Miss […]
Hi Gabrielle how are you and Gabrielle I loved all of you books.Oh Gabrielle wish I could buy Pearl of Tiger Bay. From Charlotte
hi gabrielle you came to holy trinity for book week. my school is in eltham north i thought you where magnificent i also really like your books i want to buy “a perl of tiger bay” thankyou i realy like my peng you are just magnificent.(:
Dear Gabrielle Wang, I am in year 5 and you just came to my school for bookweek. I felt you were so iteresting and I wanted you to keep talking. I found the story about the wich and thegiant house very entertaining. I have not read any of your books yet but I am totally […]
Dear:Gabrielle Wang, My name is Tegan and I am from Melbourne,Australia. I have been reading your books and I think you are an amazing and talented author and illustrator. Your books and drawings have inspired me and my favourite book by you that I have read is The Garden of Empress Casia because I loved […]
Dear Gabrielle! I have read all of your Poppy series and I love them all! You are a really,really,REALLY good author! What about your other books? Do you have some books that are about history to? Please reply or I will surely die! Nah! Just Kidding! Thanks, Brooke!
Hi Gabrielle, This is just a little bit of fanmail for you: Your talk at the Abbotsleigh Literary Festival today was really inspirational for me. I really liked how you incorporated so many elements from your childhood and vibrant personality into your books. Going to your talk was so exciting-you gave me so much to […]
Dear Ms Wang, Thank you for talking to year 5 abbotsleigh junior school. I love the empress cassia with all the imigrary words. The book have inspired me with writing and reading.Thank you From, Gwyneth  
This is a favourite in my family. And best of all, it’s quick to make. As I don’t have a picture of the cake, here is a drawing instead. I’ve titled it Pear Girl with Dog.
  When I was young I saw a gorilla at Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney. He was housed in a room with a high ceiling and bars on the front for onlookers to peer in. As he stared at us staring at him, I remember thinking how human his eyes looked. Beautiful soft eyes they […]
As cultural ambassador at St Albans East Primary School the talented students from years 3-6 have been doing some creative writing with me. 
Hi Gabrielle, I am reading one of your books The Ghost in my Suitcase. It is really interesting it is so interesting i am up to the chapter called The long silken thread i am loving it, it is the only book that i am going to finish because it caught my eye and i […]
Hi Gabrielle Wang, I have read all your Poppy books and they are fab-u-lous! At the end the man says Gus fell into the mine shaft but then he was alive! My favourite one was Poppy and the thief where Lin Tian stole Gus’s bag with the golden nuggets. And of course when he stole […]
Hi Gabrielle I got your book The Garden of Empress Cassia for literature circles! I am also reading Mao’s Last Dancer so I know all about Chairman Mao and the poverty in China ! It is really interesting because in The Garden Of Empress Cassia you mention him so now I know all about him! […]
On the sill in my writing room stands the Lovely Lady Full of grace and wisdom she watches me write Sometimes she dictates the words to a story The sound of her voice is like crystals gently kissing Sometimes she laughs at me
A Sufi Tale Someone saw Nasrudin searching for something on the ground. ‘What have you lost, Mulla?’ he asked. ‘My key,’ said the Mulla. So they both went down on their knees and looked for it.
  In the park there is a singing tree. It screeches, squawks and chatters excitedly. If you look into its branches you will see lorikeets feeding on the sweet nectar of the flowers. They have a special tongue with a brush-like surface.
All this week I’ve been giving Chinese painting workshops for Year 4 -6’s. I never hear words like ‘can’t, I’m no good at this, I’m not good at art’ because Chinese painting is spontaneous and the results immediate and gratifying. One becomes completely absorbed in the moment. I call it action meditation. Yesterday though during […]
  I needed a bit of a laugh the other day so I found these animal photo bombs There’s a story in every one of these pics.
Hi Gabriella, The story “a ghost in my suit case” is a wonderful book! Though where did you think of this story? It is so magnificent. From Miranda (Your great fan.)
For the past week, my 10 month old pup, Hero has been bringing small pieces of white cardboard inside the house. He then lies at my feet and begins chewing, ripping and swallowing them. Better it be cardboard than sticks, I think. He is slow to out grow the chewy stage of puppyhood. There was […]
For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be an artist. I was always drawing. So after I finished Year 12, I studied Graphic Design at RMIT. Then worked first for a creative agency then opened a design studio with four other designers called Rum Jungle. It was fun. But there was something […]
During the month of July I’m Writer-in-Residence for Inside a Dog. I will be blogging 3 times a week. Jump on over and take a look! 7. Easy Fried Rice Recipe 6. A True Ghost Story – Part 2 5. A True Ghost Story – Part 1 4. How To Make A Book Trailer and […]
Dear Gabrielle, I was enthralled by your excellence and skill in writing when I read your Poppy books.(Did I tell you?I am totally in love with the Our Australian Girl books.I read them like I am possessed!)I absolutely love your story and had an idea for you.Maybe you could write a ‘My Story’ book for […]
I love paper tablecloths in restaurants where you can make dinner art. Toad and Monster Fish inspired by an olive oil spill at Jimmy Watsons last night. INSIDE A DOG I am Writer-in-Residence at Inside a Dog for the month of July. Hop on over there to take a look at my first post Dreams, Persistence and […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang I read your reply to my letter on your website I have a poem that nearly got published in a book but I lost the paper that gave them the permission to publish it in there book I still think about how my poem could have been in a book. I am […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, I’m called Nina and I’m from bell primary school(one of the schools you visited). I ordered a ghost in my suitcase when you came, but only received my copy yesterday-thursday 21st of june-and have already read about 60 pages. This is because your books are so full and interesting. I’ve read some […]
Hello Gabrielle I hope you enjoyed your visit to Genazzano because i did ! Your story about the witch was awesome I am going to read your book The Pearl of Tiger Bay and all of the Poppys from Mia 🙂
How did your first book get published? I am loathe to say that my first book took only 3 hours to write. That said, it was three hours and twenty years of practise, so when you look at it that way, it’s not so bad. It was a classic case of noticing opportunity when it knocks and opening […]
This story is similar to your “Meet Poppy” by Yvonne “Piiiipppppaaaaa!” Mother Songbird called from down below. “Whhhhaaaattt?” Pippa called from above. “Don’t what me young lady!” Pippa looked down. Out of all the leaves she could make out a body of a grown up. “I’m sorry pardon?”Pippa said. “I want you to come down […]
hi gabrielle thank you for coming to bell primary school. we are having a book writing festival in september and i am writing a book about the twin towers and how they got hit. you did a great talk to us kids and we all loved the picture that you showed us how to draw. […]
Short stories are a great way to exercise your writing muscle and they also show publishers that you are serious about your craft. Here is a competition for young Queensland writers between the ages of 18 and 25. It closes July 13th. State Library of Queensland Young Writers Award 2012   The competition The judging panel […]
Tonight I will be launching, together with fellow Our Australian Girl author Alison Lloyd, Wordfest and Short Story Competition for 2012. It is run but the Monash libraries and the launch will be held at the Monash Gallery of Art in Wheelers Hill beginning at 6.30. 
hi gabrielle I really like your meet poppy, poppyat summer hill, poppyand the thief and poppy comes home the are great books. what is the first book you wrote? what is the best book that you have read? how long have you been wrighting? witch  bok do think you wrote the best? hope you can […]
Dear Gabrielle, I’ve read 2 of your amazing books so far and I think you are very talented. My class and I had to read A Ghost in my suitcase and I loved it to death soooo much that my mum keeps telling me to shut up about the book and that i have to […]
I spent a lovely week at Presentation College in Windsor as writer in residence. I worked with students from years 7 – 10 on imagination, visualisation and free writing. We also talked about
On Friday I appeared in a panel session at the 2012 CBCA conference in Adelaide. My fellow panelists were Rosanne Hawke whose new YA novel Wolf Mountain was launched at the conference by Ruth Starke. Ruth was another panelist along with Sally Heinrich. Rosanne’s novel is set in Pakistan and looks to be a great read.
Hi Gabrielle, I am Mia  and this Kirsten my friend we are students from Bell  primary school we herd that you were coming to our school and we went on your website to do some research before your visit. We want to know some questions about you. We have just started reading your books so […]
Dear Mrs Wang,<br /> You are a very talented writer,and i wonder how to become a writer was easy or really hard for you.I love writing stories and i am writing a story and i will send it too you.
Hi your comming to bell primary school soon me and my friend are intrested to see what you have to say. Thanks for listening. I have a teacher her name is Lisa I. From Miranda And Matilda
‘Love what you do and do what you love. Don’t listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it. You do what you want, what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life.’ Ray Bradbury What a wonderful way to live ones life. Ray Bradbury is a hero of mine. My […]
My daughter’s tribute to one of the greatest children’s authors and illustrators of all time. Read her blog post Here  
Dear Ms Wang I really like your books, especially The Garden of Empress Cassia. I really think it is encoraging anyone that has a gift to over-come bully’s. No-one wants to be bullied I know from experience that it’s not fun. From Melly 🙂
Dear gabrielle wang, I love your books they are truly AMAZING!!! I love your drawings and the way you write it is interesting!! Love: Christina n P.S: i don’t know if you still remember that you visted my school and showed us how to draw a dragon!!:)
THE WISH BIRD How do you know when it’s the right time to send your manuscript off to the publisher? For me it is when I read my novel out aloud to someone (this step is important) and don’t feel the need to change anything. Of course you need to pick just the right person […]
  How did you get your first book published? My debut YA novel, Letters to Leonardo took over 10 years from initial idea to publication. It involved more than 30 drafts and around 1 million words on paper.
Hello Gabrielle Wang, My name is Olivia I am 9 years old and LOVE your books! I have 2 sisters named Isabella and Ellysha. I have no pets but I want one! I love your books and have them all! DO YOU HAVE ANY MORE COMING OUT? PLEASE REPLY! OLIVIA YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!
hi Gabrielle (i hope i spelled your name right) i am a big fan of your books you have been to my school and i dew peng with my class you and me i am really intrested in your books even though i have not read any i am keen to i have been lokking […]
Hi Gabrielle, I really like your book The Garden of Empress Cassia its really life like. Yor writing is amazing. From Melly
Hey Gabrielle, I love your books I especially like the whole Meet Poppy series My class is currently reading The Garden of Empress Cassia it is really good. I was wandering if The Garden of Empress Cassia is based on u. Alyssa
  I love this visual journal I bought at the Frick Museum in New York City. It’s called ‘One Sketch a Day’ and each page has space for 2 days of sketching. Sometimes I forget to draw now that writing has taken over my life. If you need to be reminded to practice your art like […]
Hello from New York! You would think that being in this incredible city would inspire me to blog. But inspiration comes when you’re not looking for it. It will come to me while I’m driving or in the shower or
I love travelling for the different things I experience. Here are some of the highlights of today. In between sightseeing, I’m try being a writer.
Kate Forsyth is my guest this week on How Writers Work How did you get your first book published? I’ve always wanted to be a writer – it’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to be. All through my childhood I wrote many poems and novels, and sent out my first manuscript when I was […]
hi Gabrielle (i hope i spelled your name right) i am a big fan of your books you have been to my school and i dew peng with my class you and me i am really intrested in your books even though i have not read any i am keen to i have been lokking […]
Hello Gabrielle Wang, My name is Olivia I am 9 years old and go to Heidelberg primary school and LOVE your books! I have 2 sisters named Isabella and Ellysha. I have no pets but I want one! I love your books and have them all! DO YOU HAVE ANY MORE COMING OUT? PLEASE REPLY! […]
Hi my name is keely and I have a brother named liam and he is 12 years old. I also have a sister called taryn she is 5 years old, I am 10 years old. Are you interested in exploring and/or anything else? Please reply ASAP Sincerely keely A.K.A YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!
  Susanne Gervay is my guest this week on How Writers Work How did you get your first book published? My first book ‘Jamie’s a Hero’ took two years to get published. I faced endless rejections until
March 2012 As I write this blog the sun is warm upon my back. I am a sun worshipper and hate the winter. We’re having a bit of an Indian summer here in Melbourne even though it’s autumn. When I gaze out of my bedroom window I see the first tinges of pink on the […]
Hi, you probably don’t remember me, my name is Ruby and I gave you a card with owls on it. I absolutely love your writing with all my heart. Your books make me feel extremely happy. I have made a little library with the books I have read by you. coming to my school was […]
Hi Gabrielle Wang i’d like to say thank you for visiting Thomas Mitchell Primary School I really enjoyed how you told us about the story how you wrote Pearl of the Tiger bay I was in the first group hope the year 4 next year enjoy.
How did you get your first book published? I wrote my first novel, Rhino Chasers, while I was studying Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT. Three separate novel classes helped me hone the draft.
Last week we attended the memorial service in Los Angeles of my mother-in-law, Elaine Jenkins. She was 92 when she passed. Elaine was a woman of such grace and beauty
With the release of her fantastic new book, The Reluctant Hallelujah, Gabrielle Williams is my featured author on How Writer’s Work.
I’m in Darwin researching a new Our Australian Girl. I’ve chosen the months leading up to the bombing of Darwin – February 19th, 1942 – and its immediate aftermath.
I will be conducting a writing workshop for 15+ including adults at
I am thrilled to learn that The Garden of Empress Cassia US edition is on the USBBY 2012 Outstanding International Books Honour List.
                        This week I welcome Margo Lanagan! How did you get your first book published? My first several books were written under pseudonyms. They were romance stories for teenage readers, quite formulaic and simple.
Today is the first day of the Year of the Dragon. Happy New Year everyone! I have a feeling that it is going to be good. What the year is looking like so far.
Love your website. Thanks for setting it up. Love, Amelia
hello Gabrielle Wang i am a big fan of your books since i was in grade four when me and my friends pressured the teacher to read the the garden of empress cassia to the whole class and since then each year at primary school we would pressure the teacher again to read your books […]
The other day we drove to Warburton, to the upper reaches of the Yarra. The Yarra River begins on the flanks of Mt Baw Baw and flows 245 kilometers to Melbourne emptying out in Port Phillip Bay.
Gabrielle Wang, I love you writing! After my teacher at school read your book, A ghost in my suitecase, i just couldn’t stop reading the others! i wish there were more copys because i rarely could find your books in the library. However you’re a great writer! from Miriam
As we come to the end of 2011, I reflect on the year that was. In May, our daughter Lei Lei left home to live in New York. She has been away before on a gap year in France after Year 12,
The main joy of Christmas for us is getting together on Christmas day for a big family feast. We don’t do presents except for KK, so there’s no rushing around having to go shopping at the last moment,