The weather was sad this morning, all dreary and grey and shadowless. Now there is sunshine and it is quite lovely. It will not last. Melbourne is a city where weather is the most talked about topic, that and football. It is a city that makes you live in the moment. 2015 is the Year […]
Sprouting velvety antlers.  
Look at these wonderful drawings a grade 3/4 teacher sent me. They were inspired by
These illustrations are from my sketchbook done with brush, ink and watercolour. It is good to use Chinese painting techniques again. I have written a picture book and am experimenting with style.      
Ms. Gabrielle, I am Unnathi from Pathways World School, Aravali, India. Thank you so much for visiting us today! I really enjoyed your session and got inspired.Thank you once again!From Unnathi
Hi Gabrielle Wang,My name is Stella and i think  that your books are absolutely amazing!I was really inspired by you to let my imagination run and to write interesting stories to entertain myself.I really love the Australian girl meet Poppy series thats my favourite and I’ve just about read every Australian girl book, buts your […]
Today I received a large envelope from a school in Queensland. Inside the envelope
I have just returned from Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival in Delhi, India. I so enjoyed meeting the children,
I often feel like a monk transcribing and decorating an illuminated manuscript. Patiently, painfully working over years in minute detail on the one book until it is done. I wrote my first two novels in the corner
This article was published on September 29th in Daily Life, a SMH online magazine about women. I grew up in the suburbs of Melbourne at a time when back doors were never locked, when bikes were our wings, when we never had to tell our
  Today Saturday 22nd November, I will be teaching a Dragon drawing workshop at the Myer Music Bowl as part of Playfest. Bring the kids along. It should be great fun. To find out more about the festival Click  HERE  
  On Thursday November 20th I will be signing books at Dymocks Camberwell between 6pm and 8pm. Come along for a chat, a drink and some nibbles. You can read more about the event HERE      
‘The Prophet said never to discard a crust of bread and that if you ever see it, even the smallest piece on the ground, you must pick it up and put it on a wall. Then, if a beggar is passing and is in need of food, he will not have to stoop down. Because […]
Morocco is a land full of surprises. From the beaches of Essaouira to the lofty Atlas Mountains, its scenery is constantly changing. I love how the buildings are constructed from the surrounding land so that when a village is too old to inhabit and more dwellings are built on the outside, the old town is […]
Hi Gabrielle wang, At Thomas Mitchell primy school in year 4 we are giving you a letter from you. Think you for teaching us about your drawings. From Stella
Apart from the wonderful sites Istanbul has to offer, one thing I cannot help noticing is the number of cats there are living on the streets. The difference here though
Dear Gabrielle Wang, Hi I’m Madison and I am a student at a school in Victoria. It’s really a great opportunity to chat with you. In literacy groups I chose to read The Wishbird and just finished it with the rest of my group. I loved the way you described the characters feelings and the […]
Dear Gabrielle, Thank you for coming to Malvern Primary today! Some of us really enjoyed it including me. My favourite part was when you tought us to draw peng. It is so cool I am drawing him now. Now that I heard about how you became a writer I really want to become a writer […]
Dear Gabrielle I am from M . P . S  that you visited a few weeks ago. You have inspired me to start my own series of books. I would like to thank you for signing my book . I have dedicated my book to you, my favorite movie is My Neighbor Totoro. I have […]
I am thrilled that The Wishbird has been shortlisted for both the Yabba Awards and the Australian Book
At last I am saying goodbye to Pearlie. Checking final pages for ‘Pearlie’s Ghost’ Book 4 in the Our Australian Girl series before it goes to print. Publication date is September 26th. Sad to be leaving her but very happy that she is on her own now. I hope you like her story. xx
  August is a huge month for children’s authors and illustrators. It’s called Children’s Book Week, but really should be renamed Book Month! Kids’ Authors and illustrators are driving around the country visiting schools and talking up books, enthusing kids with the love of reading. It’s a necessary part of the job and I do love it.
Dear Gabrielle, I like your drawings. They are very very beautiful and I want to draw like you too. Regards, Justine
Dear Gabrielle, Yesterday you visited our school and spoke to us about your great books. I really enjoyed hearing about your childhood. The witch’s house was very interesting. I also enjoyed learning how to draw Peng. Are you writing a new book?  You are the best! I am a big fan of yours! Your fan, […]
Dear Gabrielle, Thank you for visiting our school yesterday. You have written lovely books and I liked your drawing of Peng. I especially enjoyed your book called “The Garden of Empress Cassia’. Regards, Ava  1/2W
Dear Gabrielle Thank you for coming to our school today.  It was a fabulous pleasure to meet you.  I love your book “The Garden of Empress Casia”. I also don’t like writing, but love telling stories.  Your adventure story that you told us was so exciting and fun. Your drawing that you taught us was […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, I would like to thank you for coming to WWPS on the 17 of June 2014. From Jasmine
Hi Gabrielle, I am really glad that you enjoyed coming to TIGS the other day. Do you visit any other schools? Have you ever travelled to any other place in the world? I really enjoyed the stories you told us about your childhood. They sounded very exciting. No wonder you have so many good ideas […]
The Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) (May 30- June 4) is a wonderful festival held each year in Singapore with speakers from all around the world including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Korea, UK, Japan
The writer’s life is as unstable as walking along the edge of a cliff. Once you begin the journey though, there is no way back.
Dear Mrs Wang, Hi I am Aleen, (from your previous reply)! I have read The Pearl of Tiger Bay, your Australian girls series and I am currently reading The Wish bird. I love all of your books and I mean it! Catherine and I (Catherine sent you an email already)are really excited because you are […]
I just finished reading the garden of empress cassia. ITS SO GOOD!!! I couldn’t put the book down until I finished reading it. I have read almost all of your books. Thank you for writing such great books. I can’t wait to see you later this year.apparently your coming to my school. I don’t mind […]
I once knew a girl who expected to be racially abused every time she walked down the street. She tried to think up smart things
WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH PEARLIE ‘Meet Pearlie’ (book 1) and ‘Pearlie’s Pet Rescue‘ (book 2) have already been published and are available in the bookshops. I have just finished the final edits for book 3 ‘Pearlie the Spy‘ and am now working on the fourth and final book which is called ‘Pearlie’s Ghost‘. I do love ghost stories. As […]
“During Term 1 each year children across Victoria are asked to recommend their favourite Australian books to other children by nominating four Australian titles.
WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH PEARLIE ‘Meet Pearlie’ (book 1) and ‘Pearlie’s Pet Rescue‘ (book 2) have already been published and are available in the bookshops. I have just finished
Somerset Celebration of Literature is one of my favorite festivals to attend.
Qingming is a traditional Chinese festival where families pay their respects to ancestors by tending to the graves. As it is the beginning of spring,
Here’s the link to an interview I did with Zheng Yunfeng for his programme ‘Voices From Other Lands‘
I recently returned from an exciting week in Beijing as guest of the Australian Writers’ Week. I loved every moment of the tour, meeting children and teachers, librarians and Australian Embassy staff.
Dear Mrs Wang, I LOVE your books! I read the Pearl of Tiger Bay and I loved it! When I read the book, I assumed you  were a young girl because you described perfectly through the eyes of a girl my age! Your writing talents are pure amazing! I must ask a question that has […]
From my sketchbook – My favourite architect is Antonio Gaudi and my favourite building of his is Casa Batllo in Barcelona. The moment I stepped
Dear Gabrielle Wang My name is Audrey. I am 10 turning 11 (In 120 days!) I grew up in Sydney, Australia but I am currently living in Bali, Indonesia. I am writing to you because I LOVE your book The Wishbird!   I find your writing inspiring and enchanting! The way you write just draws […]
I am inside my mind writing a night time ghost scene A lily petal drops on my table and I jump I look up, surprised at the bright summer day
There are flowers and plants in Chinese culture, painting and poetry that represent qualities of the human soul. Here is an illustration in my sketchbook
I’m rather a superstitious person. It goes hand in hand with believing in magical things. So when Chinese New Year comes around or Spring Festival as it is called in China, I follow some of the superstitions but not all. I tend to
I never thought I’d ever make onto the New York Times. But here is proof. I was so pleased to see this wonderful review... “New York City, which has the largest Chinese population of any city outside Asia, will celebrate the Lunar New Year with a bang on Jan. 31, heralding the start of the Year […]
This is titled, Me and My Pets and is a tribute to all the pets I have owned through the years.
Hi my name is Laura I am 11 years old and live in a small town in Tasmania called Bicheno. Recently I read the book A ghost in my suitcase. It is one of the best books I have ever read. I felt as if I was part of the book, especially when she was […]
My writing goal for the Our Australian Girl Pearlie books is to complete the first draft of a chapter per day. Usually I’m done by lunchtime which gives me the rest of the day to do whatever I like. I love setting writing goals. But sometimes the brain is dull and distracted. Today was one […]
I am on the home stretch with my new Our Australian Girl, Pearlie. I received advanced copies of Meet Pearlie  (Book 1) and it looks lovely. It is always a thrill
Week 2 – ‘Kids’ Week 1  –  ‘Eggs’    
I had my last school visit for the year yesterday where I was at Melbourne Girls College. Here are some of the beautiful Chinese paintings the Year 7 students did. Thank you to Lucy Chen for organising this lovely workshop. ]    
This is the best turkey recipe ever. It’s from the book “Ferment and Human Nutrition” by Bill Mollison, the founder of permaculture; but the description below is
This is my favourite Christmas story from when I was a child. It is about a little donkey called Small One narrated by the American actor Bing Crosby. It is sad and beautiful. It made me cry when I was a child and it still does. There is nothing quite like having a story read […]
My husband and both our children are Americans, so I thought we should finally celebrate Thanksgiving. I baked a pumpkin pie for the first time and it was
As writers we spend much of our day at our desks. Our desks reflect who we are, what we’re working on at the time, what is happening in our lives. They are like three dimensional diaries. They encapsulate a moment. These are the things on my desk on Sunday November 24.
Hi Gabrielle! I am in the middle of reading your great new novel, The Wishbird. I am just wondering, what are the most important things in this book that makes it special to you? There are many things in this book that makes it wonderful such as the characters, they are all unique and interesting. […]
Here is the cover of my brand new Our Australian Girl. Her name is Pearlie. Isn’t it gorgeous? And isn’t Faye gorgeous too? Before my publisher
I like reading poetry before I begin my writing day. It sets the rhythm for words to flow. This beautiful prose poem was written by Han Yu (768-824) the most famous prose poet of the Tang Dynasty. The photo was taken in 1985 on Wu Yi Mountain in Fujian Province when I was studying Chinese […]
Nov 11: Book News
Review of The Wishbird in Good Reading Magazine “When the paths of the two young people intersect, Boy bravely chooses to help the girl. Can they, together, hold off the barbarian hordes and overcome the darkness that has consumed the city? After all, even with Oriole’s magic, they are only children and the enemy is […]
I went to the bank the other day. As I approached the teller she said, You look nice. This compliment is usually only ever made by friends and
I was at a primary school last week telling my story about sneaking into the witch’s mansion. The adventure happened when I was nine years old.
Dear Gabreille, I have just finished reading A Ghost in My Suitcase and I really enjoyed it. I was woundering if there will be another one were Ting Ting goes Australia? From Kristobel P.S You came to my school Boroondara Park and I was really inspired by your stories and drew my own peng and […]
About four months back I asked my Facebook friends for help with a plot dilemma. My problem was this: should I kill a dog in a novel for children? Everyone responded with a definite No. Years ago I saw a film from the 60’s called Old Yeller. At the end of the movie the young […]
I dreamt about you last night Sue Lawson. I dreamt that you won an award for your novel. There were two other writer friends in the dream who were shortlisted for the same award, but I can’t recall their faces now. Each novel was accompanied by a song. Your song was the beautiful,
  Today is the Autumn Moon Festival. Varying stories abound about how this festival came into being. In some Hou Yi becomes a ruthless ruler. While in others,
Hi I’m Olive and this is my friend Annabelle. We love your book The Ghost In My Suitcase our whole class is reading it as well.I’m 9 and Annabelle is 8.We go to Palm Beach State School. Our class is known as Intermidiate Family Turquoise and we’re in year 3. We can’t wait to read […]
I am thrilled to receive this wonderful review of The Wishbird in the latest Magpies magazine. “There is not a word out of place in The Wishbird, a sweet, enchanting novel. In the city of Solace – known as ‘Soulless’ since its heartbroken king outlawed music and destroyed all the birds and trees – the […]
This is my favourite sponge cake recipe. I love the combo of ginger and chocolate but more importantly, it’s so easy to make!
Hi Gabrieblle I love the ideas of your story’s and I want to write a book. What should I write it about and the resone i am asking you is that I love all your books and most 8-13 girls love them and they are great books pleas reply I loveeee your books From #1 […]
My dad and I have read Meet poppy.I love them.I might get poppy at summerhill If I empty they dishwasher every day.Thankyou.I am 7. Emma
I got caught reading to raise funds for Indigenous literacy via The Indigenous Literacy Foundation You can join in too:  
Gabrielle Wang  Writing & Illustration Workshop Friday 6 September, 4-5pm Gabrielle Wang is an award winning author and illustrator of novels and picture books for children and young adults, including the Poppy books from the Our Australian Girl series. Join Gabrielle to hear where her inspiration for writing and drawing comes from and get the chance to […]
Today was my first day at the Melbourne Writers Festival for the year. Federation Square was abuzz with people attending sessions. Mine was at Artplay
Thank you for coming to my school. You are a very nice person. I am very interested in reading your book called The pearl of tiger bay. Your drawings are great and you have a terrific imagination. Thank you for sharing this with me. Isabella
1. When did you first start writing your books? I started writing books in 2000. My first book The Garden of Empress Cassia was published in 2002. 2. Where do you get your ideas from your books from? From lots of different places – dreams, places, movies, childhood memories, the world around me.
to Gabrielle Wang, hi, my name is Brianna and I am a year 5 student at black rock primary school. I am 11 years old. I have just finished reading ‘the wishbird”and right now I am reading ‘the pearl of tiger bay’ in the with the wishbird I love how oriole and boy(hero) went on some […]
This is the third year in a row that I have conducted Chinese painting workshops with the Year 7’s at Luther College and I am constantly amazed
Hey Gabrielle! I LOVE the Poppy books and I really enjoy the story about Poppy finding her brother. She has a really cool character that makes the reader want to know more too. And I was wondering, are you going to write the Pearlie books for 2014? Because when I saw the picture of the […]
Yesterday the launch of The Wishbird was held at The Little Bookroom in Melbourne. My friend Cath Crowley gave the most beautiful launch speech. Her words shone and glittered and flew around the room. This is what she said:
  My interview with Daniel Browning about The Wishbird on Books and Arts Daily, Radio National. You can listen to the interview HERE
This is an open invitation to the launch of my latest novel THE WISHBIRD
I heard a radio program about luck the other day. Some people don’t believe in it. They believe that you create your own luck. Then there are others who possibly believe in it a little too much. I am Chinese, so of course I believe. But being Chinese
Dear Gabrielle, My name is Sarah. I have just finished reading The Garden of Empress Cassia, it was amazing! I love it so much. It is a great story and I want to let you know that I love that you used so many descriptive words. It made me feel Mimi’s emotions and it was […]
Today I welcome Allison Lloyd to How Writers Work!
William Faulkner had avoided speeches all his life. ‘I’m just a farmer who likes to tell stories,’ he once said. This is his acceptance speech when he travelled to Stockholm to receive the Nobel Prize in
I received the final cover art for my new novel, The Wishbird. It is the first time my own illustration has appeared
Within the home, the serving of food was subtly geared to the status of the person in the family. The killing of a chicken was an event. In a household of perhaps two or three dozen people, only the more important and elderly people, or a visitor, were
Here are the dates and events I’ll be appearing in at the Melbourne Writers Festival Schools Program Saturday August 24 Chinese brush painting at 12.30 Learn the secrets and traditions of Chinese brush painting from author and illustrator Gabrielle Wang
Hi I just finished reading Little Paradise and I loved it! I adored every single character, both primary and secondary. I’d just like to ask you a few questions: What happens to Rose, Dave, Jock, Murray, the Hartmanns and Stefan? Edward and Chrissy? I teared up when the Hartmanns left for Australia. Does Mirabel ever […]
I collected these pieces of Nature from my garden yesterday. Autumn always reminds me of my childhood – the smell of burning leaves, the sound of crackling and crunching underfoot, the fresh misty mornings.
Here is a bit of the interview I did with Marjorie Coughlin.  Interview with author and illustrator Gabrielle Wang After she left school, Australian author Gabrielle Wang studied and worked in Graphic Design before deciding to delve deeper into her Chinese heritage, which led her to study Chinese painting and calligraphy in Taiwan. She lived […]