This is my latest book where I retell two traditional Chinese fables – The Magic Fishbones which is an early Cinderella story. It first appeared in Miscellaneous Morsels from Youyang by Duan Chengshi around 860. The other story is The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd. It is one of the four great fables of China. It […]
Farah Kausar and myself at Minaret College. I received so many hugs from the children after my talk it was lovely. Visiting schools during Children’s Book Week which falls in August is an essential part of being an author and illustrator. I love meeting my young readers and spending the time in the school libraries. […]
This is my entry to the Migrations Postcard exhibition held in Bratislava, Slovakia. The exhibition hopes to draw attention to the plight of thousands of children and their families who are forced to flee their homes. It will feature original postcards of birds by illustrators from all over the world.
This giveaway is to celebrate school and public libraries throughout Australia. Librarians and libraries need all the support we can give them so I made this poster for them. If you are a library and would like a poster to hang on the wall please email me and I will send you one, two or […]
It has been a tumultuous few months with the death of my lovely mum who was 92 years old. She lived a long and healthy life, and an exciting one too. You can read her adventures in my YA novel Little Paradise . Mum’s secret to longevity she said was to laugh a lot and have […]
Review taken from The Never Ending Bookshelf Recommended for children 10 -13 years old. The Beast Of Hushing Wood is an adventure style novel perfect from children on the cusp of young adulthood, but not necessarily ready for the older themes of Young Adult books. It’s the kind of book that will appeal to adventure/risk […]
It was a very happy day on Sunday for the launch of The Beast of Hushing Wood. Thank you to everyone who came and to those who couldn’t make it but sent their well wishes, thank you also.      
The Beast of Hushing Woods is set in a world that weaves together a variety of mythologies. Were there any particular myths or cultures that inspired the story? A trip to Morocco planted the seed for this story. The landscape, the colours, the people so filled my imagination that I knew one day a novel would […]
I painted a fire rooster with two little dogs in attendance. They can’t wait for 2018 when it will be their turn. I do love painting dogs. This year Chinese New Year falls on January 28th Rooster characteristics Those born under the sign of the Rooster are easygoing and never shy. They like reading and […]
I am very happy to reveal the cover of my forthcoming novel The Beast of Hushing Wood.  Ziggy Truegood has always felt like an outsider and lately she has been having dreams that she is going to drown on her twelfth birthday. She lives in a tiny town deep in Hushing Wood, where strange things […]
Looking to entertain your children musically in Melbourne next week? This is a one off show for 5 – 8 years old. Friday January 13, at 11 am If you come along I’ll be there so please say hello. There will be no books available to purchase but if you have your own copy, I […]
Be kind and true. Let us celebrate diversity, nature, art, imagination and creativity and maybe the world will be a better place.
2016 has been a big year – a year of travelling, of finishing a new novel, of publishing an old one, of making new friends. But sadly, it has been a year where we have lost two very special people, both who were also wonderful illustrators and authors – vale Narelle Oliver and Kevin Burgemeestre. […]
The Beast of Hushing Wood In May, I travelled to the US, to the Berkshire woods to further research my forthcoming novel The Beast of Hushing Wood. I saw squirrels and chipmunks, woodpeckers and deer. I stayed with a friend in her beautiful house on the edge of the woods overlooking Williamstown in Massachusetts. Her very […]
Little Bee – a new picture book Varuna, the Writers’ House in the Blue Mountains has enveloped me in its magical mists once again. Whenever I go on a writing retreat, I set myself a specific project. I know where I’ll start and I know what I want to achieve by the end of it. […]
Illustrating I’ve been illustrating a lot lately, working on a picture book just for fun. I remember how I used to love drawing when I was a kid, filling many books with pictures of dogs and horses. This is one I drew when I was 10 with my 72 Derwent pencils. And now I feel […]
It’s been a busy few months. My gorgeous daughter, Lei Lei was married in February and now she’s off on her honeymoon road-tripping around the US. I took this in the bridal car as we headed to the ceremony. So now it’s back to writing and illustrating and thinking about story. Really though, once you’re […]
I’m superstitious. It goes hand in hand with believing in magical things which is why I write the kind of books I do. So when Chinese New Year Day comes around, or Spring Festival as it is called in China, I follow some of the traditions. I’m selective though. I follow only the ones that […]
For the past week I have been writing at Varuna, the beautiful writers’ retreat in the Blue Mountains. Every time I go there, and this is my third visit, I come away with an incredible sense of achievement and satisfaction. It has to do with being in the mountains, in the quiet, in a writer’s […]
I have just completed a new commission for a friend. She requested it to be in black and white so I thought pencil with a soft watercolour outline would be best to communicate a dreamy feel. I also have this illustration for purchase called Tiger and Baby as an art print at Redbubble
  The first day of 2016 and I’m sitting at home, alone. It is lovely and peaceful. The local magpies are carolling in the paper bark tree and a single crow caaws in the oaks that line the street. I’m at my desk looking through the door of my writing room down the kitchen to […]
I’m a slow reader and being a writer, my eyes grow tired so audiobooks are perfect for me. I subscribe to Audible and borrow Eaudiobooks for my iphone from my local library through BorrowBox which is a Bolinda audio app. This app is one of my best finds for 2015. I listen while I’m driving, cooking, cleaning, […]
I have several projects on the go at the moment. First up is my Our Australian Girl, Poppy series which will come out in November next year in a beautiful new hardback omnibus of all four stories in one volume. What is really lovely is that it will have a magnetic clasp – something that […]
I was interviewed by lovely friend and fellow children’s author and illustrator, Sally Rippin on Triple R. Sally has a regular spot once a month on The Grapevine.
I received this lovely email from Truc and I thought I would share it with you. Little Paradise is a young adult novel which is very close to my heart. It is about my mother and the passion she had. It is a story of love, of war and creativity, of finding your own little paradise […]
Dear Ms.Wang, Hello, I am from Viet Nam but currently studying in Melbourne, Australia. My class (the English Language Centre at Kew High School) and I have been reading your book ‘Little Paradise’ for a while and its had touched our hearts through many different ways. I really enjoyed reading your book. Your mom was […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, My name is Louna from St Andrews Primary Marayong, for my school reader my group read Meet poppy and Meet poppy at Summerhill, I really liked the books I would give the books a five out of five. My favourite character would be Fisher since I have two dogs at home that […]
To Mrs Wang, Thank you so for writing the Pearlie book. I love them! ​   I have a few questions:    Who ​inspired you to get writing?   Where did you get your information from?   Why did you write about the bombing of Darwin?  Thanks,  Laura.A
I am raising money for the Befriend a Child in Detention project which sends books and letters from penpals to children in detention centres in Australia and offshore on Nauru. Leading up to Christmas, I am selling this set of 4 cards in the “it came upon the wind” series and will donate the proceeds […]
I only realised this morning that when I paint a child I unconsciously paint her being Asian and not white. It has taken me this long to feel that my skin belongs to me. Writing has done that. Writing is going into those dark and muck-filled corners of your mind and cleaning them out. Then […]
Here is the story of a Melbourne primary school and how they are connecting with children in detention on Nauru. Your school can get involved just as Bell Primary is doing.
What a fabulous interviewer Sarah from Bell Primary School was. Here we are talking about the Befriend a Child in Detention Project for Behind the News.
I love seeing other people’s creative spaces. Here are 40 Inspiring workspaces of the Famously Creative so check them out. I’ve selected a few and the reasons why I love them. MARC CHAGALL – painter I love Chagall’s beautiful, dreamy work. And he looks like a lovely man. E. B. WHITE – Author The raw starkness […]
Today I was interviewed by Sarah (right) and Michaela (left) for ABC’s Behind the News. Sarah and Michaela attend Bell Primary School in Melbourne, the first school to be involved in the Befriend a Child in Detention project established by Dr June Factor. The aim of Befriend a Child in Detention is to make others […]
    From moment to moment, from one cycle to the next, don’t think of where you are going or where you have been This is the only moment…  
Dear Ms Wang,I would just like to say thank you for coming to my school, Emmaus College on the 9th of September.  You have inspired me to write a story in my spare time, but I won’t publish it. Thank-you for coming to my school and talking about the witch house, the meanings behind your […]
Dear Mrs Wang,Recently our reading group  at Roma State College has been reading your amazing novel A ghost in my suitcase. I am Writing this in tears after just reading the end, but can remember all the outstanding similes and metaphors you have included and how you have made me laugh out loud. you are […]
Dear Mrs Gabrielle Wang,I am a student from Roma State College, QLD, and I have extremely enjoyed your astonishing novel “A ghost in my suitcase,” and want to emphasize your creative, descriptive and engaging writing style. Your descriptive noun and verb groups that paint a clear picture in readers’ heads have always sufficed in satisfying […]
Dear Mrs Wang,My reading group and I have been reading your book A Ghost in my Suitcase. I have loved your use of metaphors and similes. We have enjoyed every moment of reading your book. Our teacher Mrs Rickert has said numerous times that she has NEVER seen a book as well written as yours. […]
Dear Mrs Wang,I’m a student at Roma State College ( Queensland, Roma ) and in our class reading groups we have been reading your wonderful book, A Ghost In My Suitcase. When I come to school on a Wednesday the only thing I look forward to is reading your book. You are a fabulous writer. […]
dear Mrs WangI’m  student from Roma state college QLDAt school in our reading groups we are reading your book ghost in my suit case. it is an amazing book . I felt so connected with your characters. my favourite character was Robbie even thought we didn’t get to know him he was still funny. Shanara
Dear Mrs. Wang,I am a student at Roma State College, Middle Campus (Queensland, Australia). I am just an average grade 7 girl however I found your book, A Ghost In My Suitcase, and I have come to the conclusion that your book is anything but average; in fact or entire reading group (which we like […]
Ms Wang,Hi, I’m a student at Roma State College in Queensland. I’m 13 and in grade 7. For all I know, I have never come across such a significant author in my life, until I read a book by you, A ghost in my suitcase. we are reading this book at school and my classmates […]
Dear Mrs Wang,I’m Jade, I’m 13 , I’m in year 7,and I am a student at Roma State College. We have been reading your book(we call it our book club). When we were reading your book there was a lot of emotions going through our minds at once I also loved the use of metaphors […]
Dear Ms Wang,My name is Makayla, I’m 12 years old and I go to Roma  State College Queensland, Australia. My reading class has recently read “Ghost in my suitcase.” I loved your book because it had a great amount of suspense, grief and happiness. I love your chose of characters but I have struggle to […]
Dear Mrs Wang, I’m a student at Roma State College Middle Campus, QLD. I am a 12 year old boy in Grade 7 and I am really enjoying your book, ‘A Ghost in my Suitcase’. Just to say, this book is unbelievable. We’ve had kids in tears with emotions many times. Others full of hatred […]
Dear  Gabrielle Wang I am a student in grade 7, Roma State College, Queensland I have read your book A Ghost in my Suitcase.Its full of metaphors and similes and most of the girls cried at the emotional parts. Some girls didn’t like Ting Ting, thank you for writing this book Hayden
Hello Ms Wang,This is Helen and Shana from Braybrook College, in English we are currently doing a book study on your fabulous book ‘ Ghost In My Suitcase’. You’re an inspirational writer to us and the Ghost in My Suitcase book was great. We really hope for a sequel soon, Our class has finished  reading […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang,In my class, we have just finished reading “A Ghost in My Suitcase” as our main text to read. It was a wonderful story and bought me to realize that I am a lucky person to be living in Australia.I am inspired by your dedication towards your amazing books.I have read your book […]
Good morning Gabrielle Wang,I’ve  just read “A Ghost In My Suitcase” and it was fabulous.Your an amazing author and illustrator. Please keep up the amazing work!I read your blog posts and i would like to ask:What inspires you to draw and who are your favorite illustrators?Sincerely,Livia 
Dear Ms Wang,My name is Natarsha and I am a year seven student. For English, we studied your novel ‘A Ghost In My Suitcase’. It was a great book, one of the best I have read. I recently watched a book trailer for the novel,and I was wondering if the book could be made into […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, I have just finished reading  the book “A Ghost In My Suitcase”.  It  is really good and I would like to ask you two questions about this book.My first question is why did you choose the Isle of Clouds for “A Ghost In My Suitcase” instead of other towns in China?My other question […]
Dear Ms Wang,My name is Helen and I am a year 7 student in Melbourne. I have recently finished your marvelous novel “A Ghost in My Suitcase”. I really enjoyed this book as it hooked me in and made me keep wanting to read it.A question that i would like to ask you is what […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang,I am a 12 year old student at a high school in Melbourne. I have recently read your book, “A Ghost In My Suitcase.” I enjoyed it thoroughly, because, it was interesting to learn about the Chinese culture. I am Chinese myself, so it was pretty cool to learn about acupuncture, and traditional […]
Dear Ms. Gabrielle Wang,I am a twelve year old year 7 student in Melbourne, Australia. my class had finished reading your book “A Ghost in my Suitcase.” Our class had a conversation discussing about if we liked or hated the book. We decided that it was a fantastic book. Our class had learnt a lot […]
Hi Ms. Gabrielle Wang, I am a year student from a Secondary College. Recently, our class 7K had just finished reading your book ‘A Ghost in my Suitcase.’ Our class had a nice conversation that it was a fantastic book. For our homework, our class had to analyse the story and therefore, we got to learn […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang,My class has just finished reading a “A Ghost in my Suitcase” for our book report. I really enjoyed the book and is one of my favourite book I’ve read.Below are a few questions I would like for you to answer:-Will there be a sequel for “A Ghost in my Suitcase”?-How long does […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang,I am a year 7 and as part of my English class, we have studies one of your great books, A Ghost in my Suitcase. We have all annotated, analysed and re-read your book and personally I loved every second of it. After reading the book, I have a lot of questions that […]
Hi there Ms Wang,Our names are Jenny Chan and Cindy Tran, and we are year sevens who have just finished reading and studying your book for English class. We really enjoyed your book  ‘A Ghost In My Suitcase’, and we really want to read the sequel (even though there isn’t one). One of the many […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang,I have really enjoyed your book “Ghost in my Suitcase”. It was very well written, detailed and suspenseful.I was just wondering if you would write a sequel to the book and add more information about Ting Ting, Papa and Robbie.I actually also want to ask if Ting Ting goes to school. She seems […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang ,I am a 12 year old student in a Melbourne high school who recently  read your novel, A Ghost in my Suitcase. I enjoyed because it taught me a lot about the Chinese culture and was a heartwarming story. Thank you for writing these books.From Jason.
Dear Ms Wang,                                   My name is Georgia and I am a year 7 student. I am writing to you today because I have just finished reading your novel “A Ghost in my Suitcase” and have wondered if it was […]
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
  There is a horse in my letterbox The first time I saw him was on the nature strip where he lay for four days. He is a china horse and has two broken legs. On the fifth day he had disappeared and he slipped from my mind. The next time I saw him was […]
Hi Gabrielle,We went on our year 3-6 camp in Melbourne 2 weeks ago and after we left the Shrine of Remembrance we went to find the gate that you told us about that is at the Botanical Gardens. It was so cool, we can’t believe they’re the actual gates from your childhood and story.We can’t […]
Dear Ms Wang,I just finished reading your book Little Paradise (literally two seconds ago) and I am amazed. I am also left on the edge of my seat. Is there a second book? Please tell me you are planning one. I feel so attached to Lola. I am a teenage girl, and I also fight […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, My name is Amy and I live in Melbourne. I have read and enjoyed many of your books. My absolute favourite is The Wishbird. I think you are a very talented author. I have recently seen you at your author talk for the Book Festival. You talked about your story The Wishbird. I […]
To be good at anything you have to practice and practice regularly. So I’ve been practicing illustrating lately with the aim of creating a picture book. I do love animals especially dogs and cats. The cats are my grand-kitties, Bandit and Pebble. They are rescue kittens that belong to my daughter. The cavalier is Rupert […]
This morning I received one of those disappointing emails, one that I had been wanting an answer to for quite a while. And as I was sitting in a bit of a slump, the winter sun burst through the window bathing the kitchen in a summer glow.  It was only brief, just long enough to […]
Dear Gabrielle Wang, Hi, my name is Tessa. I am eight years old. I have read and really enjoyed: the Wish Bird, Pearlie the Spy, The Garden of Empress Cassia, the Pearl of Tiger Bay and a Ghost in my Suitcase. I really like your books because they intrigued me and are very adventurous and […]
I caught this image while walking home. The winter sun was sliding down the sky. The bare grey branches of the oaks looked like coral in an underwater garden. It was one of those shimmery moments that makes you smile inside, makes you feel that everything is just right. So often we only see the […]
Into the snowy woods
Dear Gabrielle Wang,My name is Caitlin and I am one of the students you met at Drummoyne Public School.Recently I read The Wishbird. I thought it was great! It was so intriguing and mysterious. The plot was fantastic, as the scenes changed from every chapter. As soon as I started reading, I could not put […]
If you have only an inkling of a novel idea, try writing a synopsis first. Ideas come as you write. It not only crystallises the story in your head but can also move it forward. This is what I did with my new novel, The Hushing Wood. The finished novel is not like the synopsis but the […]
Dear Ms Wang,In class we have been reading Your book.It is amazing and inspiring.7 years ago you came to my school and signed my sisters book which is then same one I am reading from.Have a good day.FromHeidi 
Dear Gabrielle,Thank you so much for coming to Dimboola and showing us how to draw Peng. When we came back to school we found out that we have ‘A Ghost in my Suitcase’ in our library. We liked your adventure in the mansion that you told us about and your tips were very inspiring to […]
      Chinese brush and ink with watercolour.
I have just completed the ‘first’ draft of The Hushing Wood which will be published in Australia next year. Here is a short synopsis: Ziggy Truegood has a reoccurring dream that she will drown on her twelfth birthday. When a strange new boy comes to town and a frightening beast haunts the woods, she must decide […]
Befriend a Child in Detention is a wonderful new community project organised by Dr June Factor and a group of volunteers. You can find out more about Befriend a Child in Detention at their website and what you can do to help Gabi x    
I love Japanese fabric and design so a few years ago I made a patchwork quilt for our bed. I found the act of doing was the most rewarding part of making that quilt. As I don’t have a sewing machine I hand stitched it all. I am inspired to do more craft. It is […]
Upon learning of the death of Gunter Grass, I was jolted back to my late teens and early twenties, to a period in my life when I read more widely and more prolifically and watched more foreign films than in any other period. This blog post is about some of the authors and directors who […]
Dear Gabrielle,I have just finished your book The Wishbird and it was wonderful! I love to read books and I have read many books and some books I forget the plot, and some books stick with me for a long time. The Wishbird and the Ghost in my Suitcase will stick with me for a […]
I had the pleasure of speaking to the grades 3’s to 6’s at St Dominics Primary School in Camberwell East this week. The students were delightful and all of them have been reading at least one of my books in class. Thank you to librarian Nadine Bolton and to all the teachers.  It is always […]
The Children’s Book Festival on Sunday was a wonderful event. I had the chance to meet a lot of my young readers and their parents. Apart from wanting to inspire kids to read, write, draw and use their imaginations, I love being part of a festival such as this so that I can meet my audience. […]
On Sunday March 22, I’ll be appearing with authors and illustrators such as Shaun Tan, Andy Griffiths, Tristan Bancks, Hazel Edwards, Ursula Dubosarsky and Oliver Phommavanh and more. Here’s the programme if you’d like to come along.      
It’s been a while since I last wrote. Lots of things have happened, are happening. Some I can mention, some I won’t. Some emotional stuff too. Life’s like that. That’s how you know you’re alive, I guess. I’ve been drawing more than usual lately. Like anything worthwhile, you have to be constant and practice and […]
Hi Gabrielle,Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed Little Paradise. I can barely believe it’s based on the story of your parents! The story was really sweet and I was immersed in the historical details.I’ve read A Ghost in My Suitcase as well – it’s really nice to read about Chinese settings/cultural […]
Dear Gabrielle,I have just finished your book A Ghost in My Suitcase. It was really emotive and strong ( :)in a good way!)  And I was stuck to the book the whole time! I have also just finished making a list of all your books that I would like to read in order. Your blog […]
Hi my name’s Otto. I come from Melbourne but I live in London and I’m seven years old. I really like the Chinese Horoscope that you wrote for War Child. I have one question though: What year were you born in ( so I can know your Chinese Horoscope)? Please write back.From OttoP.S. I was […]
Dear Gabrielle,I have some questions for you. I have read a lot of your books but my favorites were probably The Wishbird and A Ghost in My Suitcase. How do you manage to suck readers into your stories? How are they captivating? Please answer back quickly.Yours sincerely, Anirudh 
While at Bookaroo Festival of Children’s Literature, I was interviewed by Malini Sen of The Times of India. You can read the interview HERE  
Dear Gabrielle,Thank you for repleling  to my letter.When i saw that you had sent me an e-mail I nealy screamed.My teacher saw that i was realy exited so she can over to see what i was so exited about. After i told her that i had a letter for an author she told me to […]
i made an illustration. may the new year be a gentle one. may it be filled with friendship, humour and love