Beautiful Stories from Years 3-6 at St Albans East Primary School

As cultural ambassador at St Albans East Primary School the talented students from years 3-6 have been doing some creative writing with me. 

Unfortunately I don’t have room to share all the wonderful stories.

Here are just a few.

I am standing on the beach. Alone. Thinking about what I did. On my right I saw shops selling fish and chips and ice-cream. My parents would of taken me there. But not now. I feel hopeless thinking about what I should have done. I am hungry. I want to stand here to remember my feelings when my parents were still here. C.N

I was standing on the beach playing beach volley ball for Australia in London 2012 in the Olympic games. It was a beautiful day. To the left was water. To my right I saw and smelt a beached whale. It stunk the beach out. They called the game off. I could hear the crowd saying to the referee ‘Boooo!!!’ They moved the whale the next day and we played. It was an awesome game. The scores were good for us but not for Canada. We won. The crowd was cheering. We won Gold!  B.J.

The waves moving sound was so peaceful and calm. There I was standing on the sand. I see people playing in that shining blue water. I hear the sound of the children’s voices. When I hear that, my heart becomes so relaxed and calm. The ocean was so sensitive that I could smell the salty air. At first I didn’t know why I was standing in the middle of nowhere. Then I realised that I was standing on the sand so that my heart and body would be free. The sea and I can become one when we connect together. T.V.

I am standing next to the hot dog stand and waiting for my extra cheese and tomato sauce and a coke. I see my friend Joshua. He buys a hot dog the same as me and we wrap it up in foil and go home to my nan’s house and eat the hot dogs. We were on the way to my nan’s house when we stopped at the dirt bike shop. Joshua got the shoulder pads and boots and all that. I was standing there because I wanted a hot dog and dirt bike and I was happy. C.I.

The sunset is amazing. The smell of a packet of hot chips with chicken salt fills the air. When I look to my left I can see an amazing rock cliff with a beautiful spot of light shining through onto the water with the setting sun behind it. Then I look to my right and I see a man in the distance throwing a ball into the sea and his dog chasing after it. It’s just amazing. It’s one of the most amazing things in the world. I look out to the horizon. I see boats passing by and I see waves splashing and the kids getting wet. But I’m still waiting for my best friend. I hope he hasn’t cancelled on our day at the beach. But if he has it doesn’t matter because it’s just amazing. I really don’t want to go home. Kyle C.

I am at the beach. I see dogs swimming. I smell hot chocolate. I feel excited. Josh E.

Here I am standing on the beach waiting for my best friend. I smell hotdogs in the air. I smell salty sea and wet dogs in the car around me. I hear children giggling, laughing, babies crying and adults talking on the phone. People say to me, ‘What a lovely top and short you are wearing, where did you get such beautiful colours?’ they ask. I say, ‘I made them. If you want I can make some for you. They think that I look nice with purple butterflys and light blue shorts. Wow! I hear a noise. It is my best friend. She will never believe me. V.N.

I was standing on the beach looking at the sea. I saw people playing, kids building sand castles and birds flying above me. I could hear the sea splashing on rocks and people laughing. I could smell fish and chips from across the beach. It smelt so good that I wanted to eat it but I couldn’t because there were cars passing by. I felt very happy when I was walking on the sand with my bare feet. The sand was soft and smooth. It felt like snow flakes going through my skin. I was there because I went for a swim with my best friend. S.F.

I was on the pier fishing for something big. I waited and felt the bite then something came. It swum like nuts. I started to pull it in. I felt the rush. I pulled it in. It was a tuna. I was so happy. My family had something tasteful to eat! N.O.

When I was at the beach I saw the open sea. I felt so happy. I went there to have fun. When I went into the water I smelt the fresh air and I heard thunder in the water and I saw a monster that kept charging at me. But then it went away and I had no idea what happened. But when I saw the monster it had stones on its back, horns, long neck, blue scales and a long tail but it said to me, ‘Can I be your friend?’ So I said yes. I went on his back and we went around the world. Daniel A.

I’ve arrived standing on the warm wet sand on my vacation. I feel so relaxed listening to the waves crashing on the rock and the sounds of sand crunching as people walk. Looking at the sun setting and smelling the delightful smell of a barbecue frying fish and sausages. I sit down playing with the soggy sand tickling the soles of my feet. It is so peaceful and quiet on my family vacation. My sister jumps in the shallow water making lots of splashes and I watch the water as it splashes on my favourite green shirt. Oh, how happy I am to be with my sister. K.M.

I am standing on the beach looking out to sea. I felt the soft sand on my bare feet and I heard the waves crashing in and out. It was a windy day today so there was no one here but me. I took a deep breath and smelt the salty sea. I always came here when I needed to think. It usually calmed me. I sighed as I looked to my right. There was rubbish on the ground and the rocks were covered with litter. I frowned. Today was the day I had to move away to a different town to start a new life. I couldn’t bear leaving my friends. I threw a rock into the vast ocean yelling out to no one at all. I heard the honking of a car. I groaned, picked up my shoes and ran towards my father’s car. I was leaving all my friends and memories behind. These few years were unforgettable and I  couldn’t wait to make new memories in this different town. K.T.

Standing on the white sand beach looking out to sea. Watching the birds eating leftover fish and chips. Feeling the nice sand between my toes, hearing the waves crash onto the rocks, smelling the old seaweed. Looking out to see the light house on my right and little kids playing in the sand on my left, but I was still looking for my dog. Ashlyne V.W.

I ran out of the car chasing her. I could feel the silky sand on my bare feet as I ran around the beach looking for Lucy. I knew she had been in the water as I could smell a wet dog. I followed the smell, walking and walking. Occasionally I  would see seagulls flying above me. I began to feel scared when I saw the waves hit roughly on the rocks. Could she have been taken out with the tide? Then, I heard a familiar bark. I quickly turned around to see Lucy standing there with a few other dogs wagging her tail happily. S.L.

I’m standing on the beach looking at a light house. The stormy night, rain dripping on my woolly and waterproof jacket and my leathery, warm pants with my water resistant boots. I’m here due to reports of a ghost at night in the lighthouse. I’m checking so that there’s no problem and turn on the lights so that trade ships can once again come to trade. I’m a police detective. The waves are crashing against a rock and miserable clouds hover above me. Well I didn’t really want to go but no backing down now. I walk in the lighthouse. When I’m in the lighthouse I see some stairs. They look like they can break anytime. I feel a chill down my spine. Do I really have to walk up there? I walk up. the stairs are creaking and I notice they are a spiral stair. I look at the walls. There is a picture of a man. Probably the lighthouse keeper I think. I finally reach the top and I reach the door. It opens with a creak. I look around, it looks like a mess and I reach the power for the light. It flickers to light. As soon as I turn around there it is. This big giant menacing scary thing is right there. It is a dog!!! Wait a minute, a dog? All that scary thing was just a dog? Well the mystery is solved and the trade ships are coming back in. So I walk home. H.T.


7 thoughts on “Beautiful Stories from Years 3-6 at St Albans East Primary School

  1. Oh My God! I cant believe it MINE is on there and it is on the top!!!!!!! AHHH!!! 🙂 Thank You Gabrielle!!!

  2. These writing pieces are fantastic and the students really enjoyed the sessions. Thanks Gabrielle for the enthusiasm and excitement you have brought our students.

  3. My favourite one was by T.V
    It makes me feel very interested!!!
    I wonder who you are………..
    🙂 I would love to know
    I do know who you are already!!! WAY TO GO BFF!!

  4. If I could of written one again. It would sound like this:

    I am standing on the beach. Alone. Thinking about what I did. On my right I saw shops selling fish and chips and ice-cream. My parents would of taken me there. But not now. I feel hopeless thinking about what I should have done. I am hungry. I want to stand here to remember my feelings when my parents were still here.
    The wind blew away my thoughts. My mind thrifted me to a whole new world. A flash back came in my mind.
    THERE! Alot better!

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