autumn musings

Autumn Dancing

I was walking through Bourke Street Mall and happened upon a wonderful busking group playing Spanish Flamenco. Quite a large crowd had gathered and everyone was tapping their feet and swaying to the rhythm. But then a lady in her 60’s started to dance. A few minutes later, a man walked by and joined her. They didn’t know each other. They were simply brought together by the music.

Autumn Cooking

Saturday morning cooking class. I love this photo taken with my mum as we demonstrate how to make delicious lion’s head meatballs. Like two peas in a pod or two lions heads in a pot.

Autumn Eating

My guests were Jane Godwin, Dmetri Kakmi,  Leigh Hobbs and Michael Wagner. I cooked spare ribs, steamed ocean trout, dry seared beans and millionaire chicken preceded by prawn dumplings and followed by mango sago pudding. T’was a fun-filled evening of story telling.

Autumn Reading

While the Melbourne sun warmed my back, I listened to Margaret Atwood’s “Dancing Girls” on my ipod. I sat in a fire engine red shell chair at Brighton beach, wet sandy dog at my feet, soy chai latte in my hand –  a perfect moment.

And that’s the beginning of Autumn

4 thoughts on “autumn musings

  1. I love autumn, and you’ve captured some fantastic moments. There’s food, friendship, colour, nature, music and the spontaneity of the leaf-fall season.



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