Almost home

I have written seven novels but I think The Wishbird  is my best so far. Still, I don’t want to jinx myself by saying that.

As it contains thirteen full page illustrations and a number of half pagers, it has required a lot more work than my other novels.

Yesterday I received the first set of pages which is always exciting. It is the first time you get to see your work laid out roughly in book form, which gives you a much clearer way into close editing. The chapter heading font will change, so too will line spacing, and the illustrations still need to be added. Also at this time, there is back and forth discussion with publisher and editor over cover design.

This phase in the life of a novel is one of my favourites. To sit down with a cup of sweet smelling tea, a pencil and an eraser, with the manuscript laid out before me is one of life’s small pleasures.

I know I am almost home.

The Wishbird will be published on August 1.


4 thoughts on “Almost home

  1. Wonderful to hear you are so happy with it. Is that really your writing desk? So neat! By the time I get to that point in a book, my desk is layers of dishevelment!

    1. Hi Sandy,
      No, that is not my writing desk. It’s the kitchen table. I wish my desk was this organised but with illustrations and manuscripts it’s impossible.

  2. Hi Gabi,
    It’s a long time since we have talked but thought I would drop you this short
    note to say Hi.
    My children’s novel “The Makutu Stone” is in the hands of a professional editor so it is quite an exciting stage for me.
    I am living back in my homeland, New Zealand and I’m very happy.
    I hope things are great with you and hope one day we catch up and have a chat.

    Regards Colin

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