A Ratty Tribute


I buried our last remaining guinea pig, Ratty in our garden this morning. We bought him from the RSPCA six years ago. When we arrived at the centre there were two little, very scared guinea pigs huddled together in a corner of an enclosure. One was black and white, the other dark brown. How could we take one and not the other? We called them Ratty and Deak. Ratty was quite an acrobat and would do 180 degree jumps in the air. He reminded me of a rat. Deak was heavier, slower, with a big head and reminded me of a bison.

Altogether we have owned four guinea pigs. Bebe and Millie lived to be about 8 years old. Deak died last year. He was about 5. So they have all lived long and happy lives.

I love these little creatures for their gentle nature, and the amazing noises they make. Ratty would purr deliciously when you stroked him. And when I came outside with their vegetables, they would squeak.

I must say I have really enjoyed my time with our guinea pigs, but Ratty will be our last.

Yi lu ping an, Ratty…

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