A Ghost in My Suitcase

This is the cover for my next book, A Ghost in My Suitcase. It’s a story about a girl called Celeste who inherits a very powerful gift – the gift of ghost-hunting. If you’ve read The Pearl of Tiger Bay, Por Por, the ghost-hunting grandma also stars in this new book.

The girl on the cover is my cousin Belinda. She is a very smiley person, so during the photo shoot, it was hard to capture her not smiling. I love her expression in this photo – so sad and wistful.

The story takes place in an ancient water town  in China which is a perfect setting for a ghost story.

7 thoughts on “A Ghost in My Suitcase

  1. hi
    i am doing an assignment on your book a ghost in my suitcase and i was wondering what influenced you to write this book and why on this particular topic. i was also wondering what your religouse views are and wether you believe in god.

    thank you so much

  2. Hi…
    We are reading this book for English and we are very inspired. We are duing a tralier and we would love if you could give us some advice and views of how we could make our tralier stand out and so people would want to read this book.
    We liked this book.
    Thank-you for your time ….

    Christy, Ingrid, Nat, Sherin and Emily.

    1. Hi Christy, Ingrid, Nat, Sherin and Emily,
      Thank you for your kind comments about A Ghost in My Suitcase. I gather you have already seen the book trailer that I made with my son.
      First of all, what’s the mood the book invokes? I chose spooky because there are creepy bits in the book and spooky is always good to hook people in.
      Secondly, you need to write a script but don’t use too many words. The pictures and the text have to be intriguing.
      Perhaps one of you could narrate the text instead of using words on the screen. It could be written as if Celeste is speaking to the audience. I think this would work really well.
      I hope these few suggestions help
      BTW I would love to see your trailer when you have finished it.
      If you have any more questions, please ask
      All the best

  3. Hello there(((:

    I have been told by countless people that I look like the girl on the cover of your book, A Ghost in my Suitcase. Belinda, was it? I thought I’d tell you that I just may have found my doppelganger. Yes, we look that alike. I just thought that was something really cool.

    Anyways, that very cover made me decide to read your book. And wow was that a great book. I have read all your another novels as well. I inspire to be able to write like you one day.

    To be honest, I have already met you before. It was at my old school, Killester College in Springvale. I currently go to The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School and yes, you’ve also visited there before. I hope you come so that we can officially meet each other ((:

    Always a fan,

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