A beautiful review of The Wishbird in Magpies magazine

I am thrilled to receive this wonderful review of The Wishbird in the latest Magpies magazine.

“There is not a word out of place in The Wishbird, a sweet, enchanting novel. In the city of Solace – known as ‘Soulless’ since its heartbroken king outlawed music and destroyed all the birds and trees – the worldly young Boy survives on the streets by picking pockets and living under the dubious protection of a pitiless gang-leader. In a far distant forest, gentle orphan Oriole has been raised by the magical wishbird and has never known pain or suffering nor laid eyes on another human. When her beloved wishbird’s health begins to fail she sets off for Solace to try to save him, and fate throws her together with Boy. Together the two children must restore the health of the ailing wishbird and the dying king, whose lives are inextricably bound. To do so they must save the city from an invading army and an evil traitor within the kingdom. And finally they will restore music, laughter and joy to the kings’s heart and to the city of Solace. The Wishbird is a lyrical tale of love and redemption in which music has the power to change the hearts of humans. The graceful simplicity and rhythm in Gabrielle Wang’s writing lends the novel a quality that is almost musical, reflecting beautifully the themes of the story. The Wishbird is a tender, touching fable; I cannot recommend it highly enough for mid to upper primary students.” – Jane Smith.

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