Talks and Writing

It was great visiting schools for Book Week. I always enjoy meeting my readers and all the students did some wonderful writing and drawing during the sessions.

My new novel, A Ghost in My Suitcase is progressing well. I sent the second draft to my publishers on Monday which was a big improvement on the first draft. Actually, it’s not really the second draft more like the 50th, but my publishers have only seen two, as I try and make the story the best it can possibly be before I let them have a look at it. It’s about a girl called Isabelle LaClaire who learns that she has the inherited the family’s ghostcatching powers.

2 thoughts on “Talks and Writing

  1. I saw your comments on imagination and mind pictures. It is something that I have thought about often. I used to think that everyone saw images in their minds but now know differently. When I write I see everything just like I’m watching a movie so all I have to do is write what I see in my mind. The whole scene is there. I could just as easily make a movie out of any of my books as I see each scene so clearly. After realising that not everyone sees pictures when they read books etc, I now do a little visualisation exercise during my school visits to help children use their imaginations more.

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