Dear Mrs. Wang,

I am a student at Roma State College, Middle Campus (Queensland, Australia). I am just an average grade 7 girl however I found your book, A Ghost In My Suitcase, and I have come to the conclusion that your book is anything but average; in fact or entire reading group (which we like to call our book club) loved the book so much I can guarantee we all thought about reading it at least twice!  I particularly enjoyed the character Por Por as her character reminded me of my own Grandmother, always so selfless and kind, however, I struggled to enjoy Ting Ting’s personality for majority of the book. I enjoyed so many aspects of this book however the two that I enjoyed the most was the way you’ve tied together both Chinese and Australian cultures by comparing them in your book. The second thing was the way you used such amazing metaphors and similies and so frequently too! I swear there wasn’t a page where you weren’t comparing two things!!

Thank you sooooo much for creating this amazing book and I hope to contact you again soon!


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