Dear Mrs Wang,
I’m Jade, I’m 13 , I’m in year 7,and I am a student at Roma State College. We have been reading your book(we call it our book club). When we were reading your book there was a lot of emotions going through our minds at once I also loved the use of metaphors throughout the book. The characters were very detailed which made us enjoy the book even better. I also loved the humour , grief and happiness throughout the book. Personally I don’t really like Ting Ting because she is really rude to little cloud throughout the book to the very end but when she became nice towards little cloud I began to like her a tiny bit. The book made me cry at the end and I’m still a bit teary even now that I’m writing this email. Maybe some time our reading group might be able to Skype you or video chat?
P.s I really ENJOYED this book, they should make this into a movie because it would be a really good movie and I would watch it
please reply
from jade

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