Dear Gabrielle Wang,

In my class, we have just finished reading “A Ghost in My Suitcase” as our main text to read. It was a wonderful story and bought me to realize that I am a lucky person to be living in Australia.

I am inspired by your dedication towards your amazing books.

I have read your book three times and it has never been boring for me. The characters are really well developed and they make me remember the other people in my life. You have given me a wonderful time reading this amazing book .

I have a few questions for your inspirational books:
– When is the sequel for “A Ghost in My Suitcase” going to be available for us to read?
– If you could change anything in this story what would change? Why?
– What inspired you to write this many books and does anyone help you?
– If you could make a movie based on a book that you have written, what book would you use to make the movie?
– How long does it take you to plan out a story?

Thank you!

Would it be possible for you to come and visit our school and inspire us with your writing? Thanks.

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