Dear Gabrielle Wang,
I am a year 7 and as part of my English class, we have studies one of your great books, A Ghost in my Suitcase. We have all annotated, analysed and re-read your book and personally I loved every second of it. After reading the book, I have a lot of questions that need to be answered and I thought that this would be the perfect way of getting those questions answered.
-Do Ting Ting, Por Por and Celeste (Little Cloud) reunite in Australia or China?
– Does Celeste continue on with her ghost hunting ability and does she continue training?
– Doe Papa and Robbie cope with mama’s death and continue on with their lives? Does Papa get re-married and does Robbie stop sleeping beside Celeste’s bed at night?
-While Celeste was in China were did Robbie sleep?
I really loved the whole book and the concept of it, it was emotional, scary, suspenseful and funny
I admire your work ethic and one day hope to write as well as you do. Thank you so much for taking to read my letter.
Kind regards,

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