Hi there Ms Wang,

Our names are Jenny Chan and Cindy Tran, and we are year sevens who have just finished reading and studying your book for English class. We really enjoyed your book  ‘A Ghost In My Suitcase’, and we really want to read the sequel (even though there isn’t one). One of the many reasons why we liked your book was because it was very interesting, and there weren’t as many cliches as other books. We admire the hard work that you have put into not only this book, but all of your other books.

Our whole class has been driven to the edge of insanity as there is no sequel to ‘A Ghost In My Suitcase’. Not only do we really want to read the sequel, but we also want to watch a movie based on the story! It is a lot to ask for, but the next time you need to write a book, please consider writing the/a sequel to ‘A Ghost In My Suitcase’.

We have enjoyed studying and annotating your amazing novel, and with all due respect, we ask you to continue your long line of great novels.

Thank you for taking your time to read this fantail, and we hope you the best.

Cindy and Jenny 🙂

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