Dear Gabrielle,
I have just finished your book A Ghost in My Suitcase. It was really emotive and strong ( :)in a good way!)  And I was stuck to the book the whole time! I have also just finished making a list of all your books that I would like to read in order. Your blog is great! I think your illustrations on your blog are really good. I think the style of drawing is really cool. I got to meet you a few months ago in Clayton Library where you taught us to draw a baby Peng. I still have that drawing up on my pin board. I have a few questions:
1.      Do you have any pets? If so what kind of personality do they have?
2.      When you finished writing your book, do you ever take time to read the book as a whole as you read any other book that was not written by you?
3.      What is your favorite color?
From Jessica

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