Hi Gabrielle Wang,
My name is Stella and i think  that your books are absolutely amazing!
I was really inspired by you to let my imagination run and to write interesting stories to entertain myself.
I really love the Australian girl meet Poppy series thats my favourite and I’ve just about read every Australian girl book, buts your definitely stood out most to me. I just love how in your book the suspense keeps going and i never found myself to be able to put the books down.
Now i just have a few questions I would love to ask you
1. What inspired you to write Meet Poppy?
2. What was your most favourite book to write?
3. What would be a good tip for all the people out there who would love to be able to write books?

And thats all, Thank you so much to take the time to read this if you do and I understand if your unable to respond and answer my questions Thanks again~ Stella <3 🙂

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