Hi Gabrielle!
I am in the middle of reading your great new novel, The Wishbird.

I am just wondering, what are the most important things in this book that makes it special to you?

There are many things in this book that makes it wonderful such as the characters, they are all unique and interesting. You also have different names that I would have never imagined calling a person such as Rabbit or Boy. It makes this particular book stand out.

I love all of your books and I have especially enjoyed reading There’s a Ghost in My Suitcase, The Garden of Empress Cassia and of course The Wishbird.

I look forward to your future books which I will without doubt, read.

I appreciate the time you have given up reading my email. You are truly inspirational and I want to be just like you when I graduate school. Inspiring others, writing stories and drawing, it seems nice even though I am not a very good drawer!

Anyway, have a nice day,
Love Sarah

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