Dear gabrielle,

I love your books! At school i am reading the Garden of Epress Cssia and just finished your book the hidden monastery and loved it!!! Your books capture me so much and you make me feel like i am in the story!

At school my favorite subject is writing and think I write in the style you do and you are now my favorite author and for me to say that is a big deal! I have read so many books like harry potter, the unfortunate events and other novels by australian authors but your books are my favorite so far!

I am 11 and would really like it if you would write back or tell me when your next signing is because my favouriet book shop is readings book shop in carlton and would really like to meet you. Once again i love your books and they really capture me.

ps. Your books have made me realise it is ok to be different and to do different things!

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