Hi Gabrielle,

This is just a little bit of fanmail for you:

Your talk at the Abbotsleigh Literary Festival today was really inspirational for me. I really liked how you incorporated so many elements from your childhood and vibrant personality into your books.

Going to your talk was so exciting-you gave me so much to think about; and you’ve encouraged me to keep writing even though I was on the verge of giving up. You also encouraged me to keep trying in art and just drawing and doodling. Thank you!!

I loved the story behind Little Paradise; it was so sweet and reminded me of all the fairy tales I used to read. I also really loved the story of Pearl of Tiger Bay-the supposed “witch” in the house and exploring. I could imagine mansion and two children hiding behind the tree.

You are one of the most inspirational, kind and funny authors and illustrators I’ve met at the various Literary Festivals Abbostleigh has held. Thank you so, so much for coming and sharing your stories, thoughts and giving me an insight to your wonderful imagination!!


-From the girl who hated being Chinese… a.k.a. Charlotte

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