Dear Gabrielle,
I was enthralled by your excellence and skill in writing when I read your Poppy books.(Did I tell you?I am totally in love with the Our Australian Girl books.I read them like I am possessed!)I absolutely love your story and had an idea for you.Maybe you could write a ‘My Story’ book for their series as your story is so inspiring.I am told I am a good writer but I don’t want to be an author.I want to be a vet.Which brings me to my next point,do you like animals?I love them and own two king Charles cavaliers called Emma and Shelley. Also my favorite book along with oag is the faraway tree.i It just takes you to another world.I would like to ask some questions.
1.Do you like dogs?
2.Will you incorporate my idea?I would love o read that book.
Please return my message and best wishes to you Gabrielle.Oh and havewonderful school holidays!
Lots of good wishes and best of luck for your next book.
PS I recommend Chinese Cinderella.It is a great read.

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