Dear Gabrielle,
I’ve read 2 of your amazing books so far and I think you are very talented. My class and I had to read A Ghost in my suitcase and I loved it to death soooo much that my mum keeps telling me to shut up about the book and that i have to add it on my birthday list, which is on the 19th of June.
I’ve read A Ghost in my suitcase and it is, if i may, very insprirationale and I could relate to the characters and when i listened to the book I felt like i was there. When i go to bed now all I dream about is Celeste, Por Por and Ting Ting and their amazing journey through the isle of clouds and beyond.
I’ve also read The Garden of Princess Cassia, I think it was called. I could also relate to the characters and it was very cool how she was pulled in to this perfect little world where everything you saw was her paintings and every little detail she added herself. At the moment i’m waiting for my mate to finsh readong The Pearl of Tiger Bay, he is a very slow reader and i’m getting very impatient, he’s had this book for over 4 weeks now and i’m sick of waiting. I am actually a very fast reader, I actually finished Garden of Princess Cassia in 1 night, started reading at 8:00 finished at 8:52 on the dot.
Anyway i’m in love with your books and I was just wondering where you are doing your next library visit at? Thanks heaps, please reply, Willow.

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