hello Gabrielle Wang
i am a big fan of your books since i was in grade four when me and my friends pressured the teacher to read the the garden of empress cassia to the whole class and since then each year at primary school we would pressure the teacher again to read your books to the class. I am a big fan of your books i love the story a ghost in my suitcase. i would hope you would come to my school. Write back pleasssssssssssssssse
from your number one fan

Hi Joy,

I tried to write back but my email bounced. Perhaps you gave me the wrong email address?

Any way, here is my reply.

Dear Joy,

It’s so lovely to hear from you.
I’m glad you enjoy reading my books and are able to share them with your teachers and your classmates.
At the moment I’m writing a book called The Wish Bird. It will be published next year. I am also about to start on another Our Australian Girl series about a girl called Sylvie.
Keep up the good reading!
Gabrielle xx

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