Dear Mrs. Wang,

> One of the poems in Little Paradise inspired me to write one of my own. I would like to send it to you because it was your book that inspired me. It is called Australia.

> Clouds that float a thousand feet

> Without a breath,

> Lake that stretches a hundred miles

> Without a twist,

> Stones that are smooth through all the year

> Without a dent,

> Knee-high grass, winter and summer

> Ever-sways,

> Plains that forever stretch

> Without a pause,

> Dust that for twenty thousand years

> Your vows have kept

> You have suddenly healed the pain of a traveller’s heart,

> And moved his hand to write a new song.


> It was ispired by Sailing Homeward by Chan Feng Shen.

> Thank-you for your time.

> Mikayla.


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