Hi Gabrielle,
I love reading your books. They are really good. I unfortunately haven’t read all of them yet (i am slowly getting there) but my favourite so far is The Garden of Empress Cassia, which i read with school in grade 6 (i am currently in year 9)and i can’t wait to start reading your new books, Meet Poppy and Poppy at Summerhill.

I have a few questions to ask you (if you don’t mind!!!):
What is your dogs name and what breed is he/she?
Do you have any other pets?
Where do you get your inspiration for all your stories from?
Are you good at art/drawing?
If so, i am really into art/drawing and i was wondering if you could give me any tips to help me improve on art/drawing?
Also, did you draw all those pictures that are on this website? If so, you are really good. Please give me some tips on how you do it!!!
I think that you are a really great author and i really admire your stories. Keep up the good work!!!


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