Dear Gabrielle Wang,
I love all your books sooooo much!!!! please write more because I really enjoy your books just like my friend Jenny. Whenever our class goes to the librabry we run to the books you wrote to see if there is any new books coming out.I’ve read Little Paradise recently and that is one of the best books everrrr 10 out of 10!!!!! That book is very emotional, whenever Mirabel/ Lei An cries I start crying as I feel I know how she feels. I’ve also read Ghost In My Suitcase, The Pearl Of The Tiger Bay and we had to read Garden Of Empress Cassia 2 years ago. Unforunately I still haven’t read all your books but please write more because everyone enjoys your books!!!!~ When i grow up I plan to be either a vet, scientist, teacher, singer or an author just like YOU!!! you are my inspirational Character. P.S Sorry I typed alot =] =] =] =] =] =] ^^

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