hi Gabrielle, I’m jansu, ive been to every one of your book launches, and I must say the one at book bonding where you had that magnificent cake, but I missed out because I had to go to art class. I believe your books are …..FAB! well the reason I have emailed is well where doing book reports on glogster I will give you the link later but um well if you respond I will get 5 bonus points! and if you do reply oh my gosh well that would be so absolutely AWESOME!!! Any way 1000000 people problem tell you this at least 99888999 times a day well you and you creativity are ABSOLUTELY AWESOMELY AWESOME!!!!!!! any way I loved the part in your book (garden of empress caser) when the pastels get dropped and the magic ends, because when you start telling that part it just sucks you right into the book and feels like the author had actually included you in the book and that’s a great feeling well I have to go well here is the link to the glog it may be on privet so if it is I’m really sorry  love Jansu

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