In 2008 I attened the Readers Cup in which you were the guset author. I fell in love with your great ability to write. You have really inspired me! Now I really love to read your books and I have been writing plans to create my own books. I first read the Hidden Monastry and thoroughly enjoyed it.I really loved it so I ventured to The Pearl Of Tiger Bay.It was a fabulous book as well. Now in 2010 I have to read There’s a Ghost in my suitcase. I was so facinated by this story.No matter where I went like the shops,I would be reading it all the way in the car and back.It was so hard to put down that I finished it in 3 days!I’m well into my way into reading it again. Although I’ve read it I’m still really excited to read it again! It was fantastic. Hope to read more of your books in the future.
Thought that this message would brighten your day.Hope I haven’t bored you!
Love all of your books!

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