Hi it’s Amy again, I go to Margaret Beaufort Middle School, Risley,Bedfordshire, England. Are class has just finished reading your book, The Garden of Empress Cassia. It is really good, the best book ive ever read. We have done lots of English lessons on your book. Like writing a diary for Josh and Mimi, writing some of the highlights of lots of chapters out of the book. I really liked the ending, I thought that it was a happy but mysterious. I think that the fact that even though the pastels were thrown in the river by Gemma they helped Mimi’s friends, family and neighbours. The garden will always be with her. She realized her true friends were Miss O’dell, Josh and Peppy. The relationship between Mimi and her Dad, Mr.Lu grew and Gemma got her cumupence. Pheobe and Gemma won’t bother her again, so things are looking up for Mimi. Are you going to write another book in series to The Garden of Empress Cassia? Love your biggest fan


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