Dear Gabrielle,
You are amazing. I love your books!
I read the lion drummer and it was a good story and my whole calss really enjoy it. I am going to buy the book call a ghost in my suitcast. What is it about? it is the ghost hunter going to be friend with the ghost? Do you like scary book? I love scary book! Do you like writing story when your were little? if you do what kind? Funny? intresting? Is the a ghost in my suitcast scary? Well i think is going to be scary because the front cover is with a girl in it and she must be the ghost. My prediction is: That one day a girl went shopping and she saw a ghost and the ghost made the girl to a ghost and then that girl go in someone suitcast that why is call a ghost in my suitcase. Well i am going to ask you 2 more question. What is your favourite colour? and why do you like writing story? Please write back to me but how? but i know you will Well i Love Your Books you are the BEST auther i ever ever ever met in the world so please write back to me Lisa Bye. Hope you come back to our school S.A.E.P.S! (sept 7, 2009)

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