Dear Mrs (Are you a Mrs?) Wang,I have read your “Garden of Empress Cassia” and “The Pearl Of Tiger Bay”. While I was reading “The Pearl Of Tiger Bay”, I didn’t even realise it was by you! Then today, I searched “Gabrielle Wang” on my school libraary computer, to see if they had “A Ghost In My Suitcase” (They didn’t but, oh well) and it came up with the books, I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! I have loved your writing for so long without even noticing it! I have just finished “The Garden of Empress Cassia” and it is sitting in front of me now, I just noticed Adeline Yen Mah’s comment on the front, and I am even more excited, since I loved her “Chinese Cinderella” and “Chinese Cinderella and The Secret Dragon Society”. I am hankering for “A Ghost in My Suitcase” after reading the review in “Magpies”, for my Literacy Quiz Home Work. I have a question, Is the photo on the front of “The Garden of Empress Cassia” Mimi? I was wondering about it…..From,Sophie,Your #1 fan in New Zealand! (21 May 09)

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