Dear Ms Wang,I love your books so much. I love to write too. I love your book The Pearl Of Tiger Bay, Annie Starr is a lot like me. Also, I love your book A Ghost In My Suitcase, I finished both books in a day. Your books are so powerful and make you feel what the characters are feeling. You are so talented – the sky’s the limit for you! I always read my sister your books because she is unable to read yet – she loves your stories too. I’ve always wanted to go to China – it seems great and beautiful. I am 11 and I write exactly like you, because you inspire me. You are my favourite author. I have a signed copy of your book, I went to Hawthorn Reading’s and found a signed copy and immediately purchased it! I wish you could visit my school. I’m in year 6 this year. I hope you write some more books soon; I’m jumping out of my seat this very moment in excitement of the thought of a new book from you! The Pearl of Tiger Bay captured my heart.Good luck for your career and books! Thank you for reading this letter,LoveJuniper

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