HI, it’s me, Elliott. Do you remember me from the book launch a few months ago? Not only have I finished A Ghost In My Suitcase, but have read The Hidden Monastery and The Garden of the Empress Cassia. All three books were amazing stories, and I can’t wait to read Little Paradise.
Your books were a joy to read. ( and that ocean cake was a joy to eat )Elliott.Thank you soo much. I have seen in your books that you have great attention to detail, like in Garden of the Empress Cassia where Mimi’s parents spoke more grammaticaly correct in chinese in english. And I love how you used present first person text in Ghost in my Suitcase. It’s like your experiencing the adventure with Celeste. I could imagine how she felt when she was on that plane to Shanghai, as I’ve been on long plane trips too, and in Hidden Monastery, I could actually feel the frustration and stress when Mingzhi lost his mum’s ( which turns out to be his) gold necklace.

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