The Wishbird

Published by Penguin Books Australia “I felt as though I were reading “The Wishbird” in 3D glasses, open the book and the world escapes off the…

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For Young Adults

Little Paradise

"Little Paradise was inspired by my mother who, as a young woman, grew up in Melbourne during the 30′s and 40′s when Australia and its people were coming of age. Much of what takes place in the novel sticks closely to the truth. But in other places, I used my imagination to meld fact and fiction. This is necessary to give a novel dramatic drive. Many people ask me which parts are real and which are invented and it’s very hard to say unless I’m asked a specific question. For example the Hiroshima scene was real but there was no Frogface Tan."

- Gabrielle Wang, Background of Little Paradise

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The Bicycle

Trust Me Too

Short and Scary