Gabrielle Wang

Author and Illustrator

Gabrille Wang

The writing and illustrating life

Illustrating I’ve been illustrating a lot lately, working on a picture book just for fun. I remember how I used to love drawing when I…

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Book News: 10 March

Can you name my dog?

It’s been a busy few months. My gorgeous daughter, Lei Lei was married in February and now she’s off on her honeymoon road-tripping around the…

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Book News: 7 February

Don’t wash away your luck on Chinese New Year’s Day

I’m superstitious. It goes hand in hand with believing in magical things which is why I write the kind of books I do. So when…

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Book News: 26 January

The Magical Mists of Varuna

For the past week I have been writing at Varuna, the beautiful writers’ retreat in the Blue Mountains. Every time I go there, and this…

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A Passing Whisper: 17 January

My latest commission

I have just completed a new commission for a friend. She requested it to be in black and white so I thought pencil with a…

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the year that was and a peep into the future

  The first day of 2016 and I’m sitting at home, alone. It is lovely and peaceful. The local magpies are carolling in the paper…

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Book News: 10 December

The books I read in 2015

I’m a slow reader and being a writer, my eyes grow tired so audiobooks are perfect for me. I subscribe to Audible and borrow Eaudiobooks for…

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Book News: 2 December

Poppy Hardback

I have several projects on the go at the moment. First up is my Our Australian Girl, Poppy series which will come out in November…

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Book News: 24 November

Gabrielle Wang Triple R Interview

I was interviewed by lovely friend and fellow children’s author and illustrator, Sally Rippin on Triple R. Sally has a regular spot once a month…

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A Passing Whisper: 20 November

Thoughts about Little Paradise

I received this lovely email from Truc and I thought I would share it with you. Little Paradise is a young adult novel which is very…

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