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Gabrille Wang
Book News: 6 July

Migrations Postcard exhibition

This is my entry to the Migrations Postcard exhibition held in Bratislava, Slovakia. The exhibition hopes to draw attention to the plight of thousands of…

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I love my library poster giveaway

This giveaway is to celebrate school and public libraries throughout Australia. Librarians and libraries need all the support we can give them so I made…

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The past few months

It has been a tumultuous few months with the death of my lovely mum who was 92 years old. She lived a long and healthy…

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Book News: 10 May

The Beast of Hushing Wood has received some very good reviews. This one is particularly thoughtful.

Review taken from The Never Ending Bookshelf Recommended for children 10 -13 years old. The Beast Of Hushing Wood is an adventure style novel perfect…

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The Beast of Hushing Wood book launch

It was a very happy day on Sunday for the launch of The Beast of Hushing Wood. Thank you to everyone who came and to…

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Spirited Away: Gabrielle Wang on ‘The Beast of Hushing Wood’ Interview with Bookseller & Publisher

The Beast of Hushing Woods is set in a world that weaves together a variety of mythologies. Were there any particular myths or cultures that inspired…

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A Passing Whisper: 21 January

10 Tips for the Year of the Rooster

I painted a fire rooster with two little dogs in attendance. They can’t wait for 2018 when it will be their turn. I do love…

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Book News: 19 January

Cover Reveal for The Beast of Hushing Wood

I am very happy to reveal the cover of my forthcoming novel The Beast of Hushing Wood.  Ziggy Truegood has always felt like an outsider…

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Book News: 5 January

The Race for the Chinese Zodiac at the Melbourne Recital Centre 13th Jan

Looking to entertain your children musically in Melbourne next week? This is a one off show for 5 – 8 years old. Friday January 13,…

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A Passing Whisper: 3 January

Happy 2017!

Be kind and true. Let us celebrate diversity, nature, art, imagination and creativity and maybe the world will be a better place.