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A successful school visit from an author’s point of view


Now that almost all my school visits are over for the year, I thought I’d make a list of what I think makes a successful school visit for an author/illustrator.

1. The students have either read your books or been on your website. A little bit of research can add that extra interest. School visits are particularly rewarding when the students are using your novel as a class text.

I recently visited a school where the TL had every child read at least one of my books before my visit. She also went to the trouble of baking 2 batches of my favourite cookies, the recipe is on my website, to share with the students. And as a bonus, every girl in the junior school had signed up for the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge.

2. The class teachers are as attentive as their students during the author/illustrator talk. They don’t talk amongst themselves or go on their laptops or mobile phones or do marking.

4. The class teachers join in the activities. I do a drawing workshop with my students. I love it and so do their students when the teachers participate.

If any author/illustrators or TL’s want to add a comment you are most welcome.

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“A successful school visit from an author’s point of view”

  1. On November 20th, 2012 at 6:16 am Corinne King Says:

    Absolutely right Gabi. Students being familiar with your work is the best thing. What a lovely photo.

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